Friday, October 24, 2014

Review Of The Premiere Of Constantine

     I will say this about Constantine: at least Matt Ryan is a better casting pick than Keanu Reeves. This is not to say that the show is better than the movie. They are both unfaithful to the source material in their own ways, and are boringly predictable as well. Though Matt Ryan does a commendable job with the crappy writing and dialogue his Constantine gets. I mean for crying out loud leave a little mystery about the character's origins. The origin story is told in several sentences within the first episode. What is worse is that Constantine seems to actually care about people, which is out of character.

     If this show's cliche-ridden crap characterization and story continues than the Mother of Constantine will turn out to be alive. Throw in the cheap special effects such as the obvious cgi blood on the map, plus the Talia corpse moments, and you have something only the mentally challenged and children would be scared of. I mean dead bodies do not come back to life so why did two people think Talia was alive. Heck why were several people killed in this episode, I mean what was the reason? Why is/was the Liv character important? Also what was up with the lack of transitions between all the commercial breaks? Things are either over-explained or never explained, and we jump around from one setting to another.

      Finally why should people tune in for a watered down and badly written Hellblazer based story? The first episode made me want to go to bed while it was on, and it failed to scare or interest me. I could predict what characters would do and what would occur. Lastly Constantine gets the Angel (Buffy's first vampiric love) redemption mission from a jerk of an Angelic being, and the evil happenings are only in America. WTF!

NBC is not known for quality shows on it's channel, but this is almost as bad as Blade Trinity or The Dark Knight Rises. Please save people the time and cancel this mess.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 22

    I really just have a few questions about this episode. Does Luna really think her talking to anyone can prove whether someone is royalty from the moon? How did Tuxedo Mask get in to the party? Why did Mask leave during the battle? Also did he realize during the kiss that Usagi/Serena was drunk on "juice", or did he just kiss her knowing this beforehand? Is it just me or did Zoisite sound less mannish in the Japanese dub for this episode?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day Of Release Mini-Review Thanos A God Up There Listening Issue 3

    This mini-series stinks! It lacks focus on who the main character is, and has absolutely no clue regarding which plot is the main one. Some of the art in certain panels is muddied and obviously rushed. Thanos is out of character and Thane is too new of a character to really be one in this mess of a comic. This is down near the bottom of my not recommended list! Even die-hard Thanos and Marvel Cosmic fans should stay away from this series!

Day Of Release Review The Delinquents Issue 3

   This issue almost missed being recommended by me due to two reasons. However I figured out that jump cuts in the narratives (art and written) were not occurring. Instead there is a brilliantly subtle series of quick transitions that make it seem like sudden narrative shifts are occurring. The other almost problem is the use of song lyrics, which is almost always a mistake to do. Though I feel this time can be the exception to the rule, because of two factors. They are incorporated into the art design, and none of the characters are trying to sing them.

    I will say this issue had more laugh out loud moments than the second, but still less than the first. Several of the jokes push near the boundary of being wrong and unfunny, though they maintain a respectful distance from that boundary. Speaking of funny, I do have to wonder how long Archer has remained consecutively drunk for in terms days while on this adventure. Finally I think I can say that with one issue left this mini-series is recommended (by me) in both single issue format and a collected edition.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Avenge Justice Edition

1. Nascar Adventures Volume 1, No. 1 Starring Fred Lorenzen published by Vortex Comics in 1991. A mess of a comic with Don Heck's awesome talents obviously having waned by this point being one of the lesser problems. The Narrative is the biggest problem with sudden shifts from Fred Lorenzen being the narrator to a third person narrator. This is mainly a really weird attempt at a biography comic. Even Nascar fans should avoid reading this comic.

2. Know what perspective you are narrating from! This is not to say you can't shift the form, but always may sure you give a logical reason for the shift to happen. Also do not have it happen out of nowhere in the middle of a flashback or story.

3. What If Jessica Jones Had Joined the Avengers? #1 from 2005. Mainly a bad excuse to do a Self-Insertion story. Bendis's creation joins the the Avengers while Bendis takes the Watcher's standard role of narrator. This story just rehashes the Avengers Disassembled story. What really makes no sense to me is including the Purple Man, a character even other villains would have killed due to his powers.

4. DC Showcase '95 # 3 just fails because all three stories are badly done paint by numbers. Eradicator is close to succeeding fails to live up to the story title of "No Mercy!" Next up is a story that goes nowhere while starring Claw from Primal Force. The Question's story is just a pointless save the day cliche about an overly oppressive, ungrateful nun from Vic Sage's past.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Avenge Justice Edition

1. Avengers #239 from 1984 guest-starred David Letterman & Paul Shaffer. Not only that but it introduced those who had failed to read the then current Hawkeye limited series to Mockingbird. We also get Hawkeye's initial dealings with hearing loss and reluctance to use a hearing aid. A great Assistant Editor's Month issue!

2. Captain America #267 circa 1982 finds Cap fighting Everyman. Everyman is nuts and a realistic villain. I recommend this issue for how Cap keeps his temper in check no matter the opponent.

3. JSA #1 from 1999 is the real kick-off to a great series with many twists and turns. I say real kick-off due to the fact that it was preceded by an event stunt featuring the original Justice Society Of America.

4. Last Days Of The Justice Society from 1986. I recommend it simply because it provides a reason for the heroes to no longer be active after the Crisis On Infinite Earths reboot. It is a serviceable story at best though.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Love Over Gold Book Review

   For those who loved the classic Nescafe Gold Blend and/or Taster's Choice adverts featuring Anthony Stewart Head & Sharon Maughan there is this book. Love Over Gold by Susannah James (a writing alias used by Susan Moody) is the 1993 publication I, and other fans, never knew we needed. Not only does it fill in the blanks between the soap opera like cliffhanger ads, it also adds to the story with additional romances. Each romance ties in to the main plot, and said plot ends with an additional cliffhanger ending.

   If I have one complaint it is that I can't find a copy the VHS compilation of adverts that is promoted in the back of the book. Yes that is right, not only did Love Over Gold add to the coolness of this love story and said ad campaign, it was officially supported by Nestle. I would recommend this to lovers of romance, the ad campaign, travel, and finally fans of the actors.