Thursday, March 26, 2015

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Recommended Comics Recommendations Edition

1. The Flash #104 from 1995 is a good conclusion to a two-part story. It also works by itself due to the natural exposition in the dialogue. There is a plot-hole in the werewolf/demon attackers abilities, however it is not that big a deal.

2. G.I. Combat #252 from 1983 is a war anthology comic where all the stories are recommended. One story even deals with racial tensions in World War 2 while involving a ninja.

3. All-Out War #3 published by DC around late 1979/early 1980. Great variety in this war anthology comic featuring the Viking Commando and Force 3.

4. Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor #10 is an interesting issue that explores a dark version of The Doctor and his faults. Not the best comic ever, but a decent read for fans of the Matt Smith Doctor.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Deathlok Issue 6 Day Of Release Mini-Review

   This is a much better issue than the past few in the series. Whereas the past few issues barely evolve the character and plot this is does the opposite. Part of the evolution is in the line work, choreography, and coloring choices, all of which are excellent. Each new narrative twist in this issue moves things along by miles instead of inches. I recommend this issue as a good solid suspense comic.

The Goon Once Upon A Hard Time Issue 2 Day Of Release Mini-Review With Spoilers

   Spoiler Warning

   This issue may make sense in a collected edition, but it fails as a single issue of The Goon. It is basically just an adaptation of The Island Of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells. Sure the art is great in terms of line work, but this is somewhat lazy work from a writing perspective. If it had focused less on the adaptation visuals and more on Goon's reactions and actions it would be a decent issue. Anyone looking for noir or humor involving Goon or his supporting cast of characters should just look elsewhere, or in other words this issue is not recommended.

Secret Avengers Issue 14 Day Of Release Mini-Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  While this is not a great issue in terms of sequential story-telling, it does stand on its own. The only problems with it are the fourth wall break and the constant jumping around in time. Though these are not terrible problems for a veteran comics reader they are still problems for the inexperienced. I am recommending this issue for the experienced reader, because the art is well crafted and the dialogue is funny and interesting.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ivar Timewalker Issue 3 Review

    This series was rocking and now in it's third issue it falls to just a decent level. Part of the problem is the opening of the issue and the other part is the lack of "stun." In regards to the opening, it has the flaw of readers needing to turn comic upside down to read the story. Not a fun aspect even with the tragedy/comedy joke. Now as for what I mean by "stun" we get nothing narratively surprising or amazing to see. Yes the art is gorgeous and there are some interesting things to ponder. However there is nothing to wow the reader with originality like the first two issues had.

     Thus my verdict is to recommend this comic, but not to readers who have yet to read issues one and two.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Deathlok The Out-Spoken Edition

1. The 'Deathlok The Demolisher' story in Astonishing Tales #31 from 1975. This story has great art but too much writing. Also the font choice for the computer makes it unclear if the lettering has typos or just the illusion of typos.

2. Also found in the above comic is an advert for G.I. Joe toys titled 'G.I. Joe Meets The Amazing Atomic Man!' which has two logic flaws. The flaws are tied together in that a random stranger can join G. I. Joe at their Secret H.Q. and that they let him join without a background check. Not only does that happen but he is suddenly given the title of "Major" for no apparent reason. WTH!

3. The New Avengers Annual #1 from 2006 fails because of the story and out of character moments. It starts fine with a wedding story on the cover and within story. However it then veers way off to set-up more Sentry is out of control and Secret Invasion B.S. that has no point in a wedding issue. We then get a few ending pages of the wedding. As for out of character moments Tony Stark has a proper grammar fail when accusing a teammate making him come across as stupid. The final mistake (at least of the ones I will mention) is that Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are looking and acting comfortable in formal wedding attire. Not only does this seem out of character, but they just got done with a battle and the proposal. How the heck would they get that a full out wedding ready and done in that time? Total B.S.!

4. So many things from comics to wall street have had speculator fueled booms and busts, thus speculative buying is not recommended.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18 Invasion Sailor Venus

   Found it odd and okay that Luna is not bothered by running water, or at least rain, like a regular cat would be. As for Chibi-Usa's freak out could have used more time for reaction and some kind of explanation to the friend and mother. Artemis is either really strong or has a lot of mass if he is able to knock a full grown male human down. Yay we got a different cliffhanger ending! Either Hulu or VIZ screwed up on the captions during a Black Moon group scene. Saying this since I saw words missing from their required places and that is annoying. Finally Mamoru has an awesome name for his equally awesome power!

   Questions that matter to fans time. Why did Mamoru not consider communing with dead spirits a power? Did anyone else think the Black Moon group scene was cutting to different shots too fast? Will anyone ever answer my questions? Okay so that last one is more a question related to me but still.