Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star Volume 1 Manga Opinion Piece

   This is one of the worst interpretations of an anime I have ever seen! Seriously the wrong aspects, such as Ed's feet, are exaggerated. Not only that but the characters' personalities just do not fit even the looks we are stuck with in this manga. If they did not provide a warning about having been made pre/concurrent to the show's creation I would have probably been mentally broken. Why was this even translated to English, or for that matter created in the first place?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

List Of My Personal Top 15 Best Comic Media From 2015

Note: You can thank the Valiant Entertainment PR Staff for the idea of this Best Of 2015 list, and the other annual lists I will be doing in the future. That being said Valiant had no other influence on the creation of this list. Links to some previous posts that give my initial reasoning will be found by clicking on certain titles. This list contains comic books and media related to comics. Finally 1 is the high and 15 is the bottom.

1. Tower25 by PJ Patten is a great example of what comic books can be, and that major companies are not always the best when it comes to creative relevance.

2. The series Imperium from Valiant is a brilliant example of how to show the real impact super powered and alien beings would have on the world. There are too many good reasons so I have provided the label in the labels section for you to choose an Imperium review from.

3. It is a tie between the Netflix/Marvel shows Daredevil & Jessica Jones. The former for showing how much complexity live action villains can have when the right cast and crew are chosen. Jessica Jones is chosen for the complexity and strength of its females and non-caucasian characters.

4. King Tiger Issue 1 to 4 from Dark Horse. Just great work that I would like to see continued sometime within the next two years.

5. The Art Of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe regular edition published by Dark Horse with the help of several others. Selected for its beautiful presentation. It is very comprehensive in its collection of art, interviews, information. Although I am kind of biased on this one because I am a long time fan who grew up on the Filmation VHS tapes.

6. Divinity for its outstanding art. Also for providing an original feel to the standard human with god powers story idea.

7. Howard The Duck Issue 1 from before Marvel's Secret Wars (2015) is a great example of what can be done with a corporate character when the right creative team is let loose on the book. Spoilers! Also Peter Parker breaking down crying. End Spoilers!

8. Doctor Who series 9, with the exception of the episode "Sleep No More," is a vast improvement over the various story weaknesses of Series 8.

9. Long Distance issues 1-4 created by Thomas Zahler and published by IDW. It has realistic dialogue and various kinds of relationships. Also an interesting color scheme. Finally the constant references to other things such as a way to open a wine bottle with a shoe.

10. The 2015 updates to the webcomic Least I Could Do have provided several great moments of adult satire, especially this year's "Con Tales."

11. The Girl Meets World season 2 episode entitled "Girl Meets Teacher" for promoting teaching methods involving comic books. I also think it did a good job at promoting the idea that students are not nameless or faceless.

12. Ivar, Time Walker for its potential for fun involving time travel, and the great stories it has had so far.

13. Ninjak for its epic narrative involving a singular character, and the obvious love the writer has for the title character.

14. The Atop The Fourth Wall Movie for its thoughts on life and various references. I mean it has a box label referencing Nappa from Dragon Ball Z.

15. Lumber Janes Beyond Bayleaf #1 published by Boom Studios is fun to read and self-contained for the most part.

The Paybacks Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning of Spoilers!

   I have a bit of a nitpick with the amount of cross-hatching on Antiquarian's face on the third panel of the second story page. Though I do like the art overall especially Geoff Shaw's distinctive style of sharp line work. As for the coloring it is best in terms of how it creates a clear separation of past and present. The color choices for the past scenes combine with the writing to bring forth the idea that Ms. Adventure is lying. Speaking of the writing it is fun yet suspenseful in every area, especially the Popsicle and "Medbay" scenes. If there is one current series from Dark Horse I hope to see succeed for years to come then this is it. In other words this is an extremely recommended issue.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Power Cubed Issue 3 Review

    Not too sure about the cover. On the one hand it has good line work, but on the other the girlfriend's expression does not fully work with the scene. As for the rest of the issue the writing is still a flawed and the line work is a tad weaker than Lopresti's standard. Though the writing is better than last issue in terms of pacing and slightly in dialogue. The art is still strong while a little unsteady looking to my eye. Finally the coloring is the best part of this with its bright palette matching the light story tone. Recommended for people looking to get an okay and quick read.

Itty Bitty Hellboy The Search For The Were-Jaguar Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This mini-series has a lot of fun underwear jokes in this first issue. Also there is some decent set-up for this mini-series later issues. However there are two flaws for this issue. One is the introduction of Lobster Johnson failing to give his name like Art Baltazar & Franco tend to do. So he is simply a guy in a costume who jumps out of planes in attempts to inspire fear. The second flaw, though really more of a nitpick, is the Were-Jaguar could have been shown more. Even just in the background would have been fine with me. Though overall this issue is a good start to what will hopefully be an entirely recommended series. In other words I recommend this issue.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 1

  Who came up with the odd idea to have this episode's monster show present her cleavage in order to suck out weirdly designed hearts? Also someone tell me the English vocals for Usagi and Ami will be back to what they were soon. Cause it was annoying to hear the original English dub vocals for Usagi in this episode. Though I was only slightly annoyed by the change for Ami. Obviously the Japanese dub is better in terms of the vocals remaining the same, however it also gives a better version of the evil-doers' plans. Seeing as a "mighty force" does not inspire fear and awe like a legendary lost relic.

   Oh! I just remembered the reason this is late is because I was watching a video format retrospective on Sailor Moon made by Channel Awesome reviewer Calluna.

   Now for questions: Why did the female scientist villain mention that she was going to look for more victims when there is no follow through? Anyone else notice the crescent moon in this episode during one particular moment? Why is Rei not sharing her premonition with the others as soon as Usagi finishes talking? Was the problem Makoto asks Ami for help on something that required a very lengthy response? Cause Ami apparently writes a long answer. Why would any of the scouts be worried about their future, or at least certain aspects, when they have encountered a mostly bright future setting? I would think Usagi would use that as an excuse to avoid some studying.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Fly Girl Adventure Edition

1. Marvel Team-Up #107 (1981) Starts off good but quickly deviates into a convoluted mess and ends in a nonsensical, melodramatic way. It also has the two characters fight for longer than they team-up.

2. Adventures Of The Fly #21 (1962) The stories are very generic in design. Not to mention that The Fly and Fly Girl have powers other than those of a fly. So technically these characters should be called The Insect and Insect Girl.

3. "Marvelman and the Atomic Bomber" originally published in Marvelman #25 February 3, 1954 and reprinted by Marvel in Miracleman #1 in 2014. It has good art especially for the time period. However it has several lettering mistakes and the horrible 'hero captured, but not immediately killed' cliche. The final problem I found is that it has a very rushed story with an abrupt ending.

4. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #50 from 1964 is just really sexist.