Monday, September 29, 2014

Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Omega Edition

1. Family Circus this comic strip has just sort of been around for too long. Not only that it is like Chic Tracts in that it has a narrowing audience, though unlike Chic Tracts it is not a bigot only audience. It also just has never appealed to me, so I can't recommend it.

2. Most Wrestling inspired comics. Let's face the fact that these never translate well. They are either poorly done in story or art. Not only that but like Baseball they are always absurd, and it is mostly unintentional.

3. All-Star Squadron # 55 circa 1986. This is a culturally insensitive nightmare of a comic. You have various Native American tribes, Jews, and Caucasians being referred to in derisive ways, including slurs. Also there is anti-climatic ending. A second tale featuring a slightly lame update of a golden Age story is also included. I honestly try my best to forget the bad parts of this issue. So not recommended!

4. Ad Campaigns that try to include themselves in a comics companies already established main universe. While some like the Hostess ads of the past worked with the weirdness of certain characters, others like Rush just don't. The latter was a series about a car that was set to be released and its fictional driver who worked in the DC Universe. Think along the lines of The Transporter and you have the whole concept. Mostly not recommended!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Omega Edition

1. Omega Men #3 featuring the first version of Lobo circa 1983. This issue is good to read not just for an interesting adventure, but the fact Lobo was not really a fully developed character yet. Lobo's original costume also is cool, but absurd as well.

2. The fan film version of Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special #1. This adaptation is pretty funny and much more entertaining the the 1991 comic. It is definitely not for kids though.

3. Hawkgirl #66 from 2007 is a good conclusion to the Hawkman/Hawkgirl series, but sadly it was almost immediately ignored by DC and I think Jim Starlin. Still worth picking up though.

4. Aquaman: The Waterbearer Trade contains the beginning 2003 issues that featured a good attempt at a foundation for an Aquaman series. Other writers would try to keep adding to the foundation with their own ideas, but it was Tad Williams and Kurt Busiek who were left wrapping up the most threads.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 18

    Is Ziosite supposed to be a trangender, or even a smoker in the Japanese version. Cause I am starting to think that was the intent with the voice sounding very mannish. As for other differences, I do like the different perspectives the 1990s English and Japanese versions give viewers. For example in this episode Darien/Mamoru seems to recognize Nephrite, but the Japanese version had the opposite happen. Though I didn't like that the English dub had Serena thinking that "doll curse" was romantic. Also Shingo's hat had English lettering in both versions, and in both his name is missing a letter, wierd!

Double Valiant Whammy Review Armor Hunters Issue 4 And X-O Manowar Issue 29

   Okay, this is odd a company that makes comics with lasting results exists and it is called Valiant. From Harbinger Wars to all the other titles Valiant has grown over the last few years from a brand name to a company that builds and grows from events. Armor Hunters #4 and X-O Manowar #29 are collective proof of this trend of making a status quo and shattering it just enough to make a change happen. Armor Hunters as an event changes how we looked at Aric and the other characters of Valiant, then comes X-O Manowar #29 with a promise. This promise is that the more things will and can change the more characters will fail to learn to get along. 

   Though I did not find the issues to be perfect, I did find them to be solid enough not to have anything but a few nit-pickings. I have nothing more of note to say, except pick these two recommended issues up.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day Of Mini-Review Harbinger Omegas Issue 2 Possible Spoilers

Possible Spoilers

  There is not a lot I can say about this issue except the following: the art, coloring, & lettering are great. As for the story it is basically just a extrapolation of the Lionel Trilling Quote at the end. Regarding the human reactions for the App mentioned in this comic are hilarious. Apps that do manhunts while doing selfies are scary too! While the dialogue for the news reports is a little weak, the basic human reactions shown are also real. In fact the strongest part of the issue is a fresh perspective on old ideas. I recommend this issue for fans and scholars.

Double Whammy Day of Release Review Secret Avengers Issue 8 and Thunderbolts Issue 31

Below Here Be Spoilers

  While these are two different comics, in terms of their concept they are very similar. It is the route the creative teams have taken that makes them truly different. This version of the Thunderbolts had an original goal of doing the jobs too dirty for the Avengers. On the other hand Secret Avengers has maintained a theme, with variations, of doing jobs too dirty for the Avengers, though often with certain Avengers characters. What truly differs them is what is inside these two specific issues.

  Issue eight of Secret Avengers has Modok's plan coming together and falling apart. The changing of the plan happens due to a profound and for some disturbing realization. But throughout this recommended issue we see a gathering of evidence, from the past several issues, conducted entirely from conversations. That is right there is no overt fighting, but instead a chess match of the mind. The  artistic quality is great in it's consistency and facial expressions. The colors allow for use of shadow and the lettering framed right.

  As for Thunderbolts #31 we see the dumbing down of dialogue in the form of a childish argument between the Punisher and Red Hulk during a fight. We also see a different artist than the one from last issue which causes consistency of art in the mind and the collection to be lost. The art is not terrible, but it does look rushed with proportions seemingly changing for the Red Hulk a few times. The coloring could be a little more varied and subdued. As for the lettering it becomes a bit bombastic in the font during the previously mentioned argument.

  Now why am I comparing the two? Because where Thunderbolts under the previous writers kept the direction and current concept right, Ben Acker and Ben Blacker delineated from this path. While not terrible on their own projects, they just don't seem to have a real purpose other than slowly destroying the current concept. The childish argument especially shows a lack of correct characterization regarding Red Hulk and The Punisher. Thus I can't recommend this title, while another title with the same basic concept is doing a variation that actually is working and intelligent. So in conclusion T-bolts 31 no, Secret 8 yes!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Conspiracy Theory Query Edition

1. What was the first conspiracy theory ever?

2. Why did this first one come about?

3. How many conspiracy theories have never been recorded?

4. Are there any conspiracy theories that helped inspire fairytales about princesses?