Friday, August 22, 2014

Recommended Underrated Artists List Of 4

1. Mike Parobeck was an artist that died way too young. He is not mentioned enough and I don't think his work has been reprinted in collected editions. His work on Impact Comics' The Fly and the 1992 Justice Society Of America series are amazing and unique in style. My number one all-time recommendation for underrated artistic work.

2. Cave Paintings and Hieroglyphics, because without them we would not have comics, video games, television shows, or any other media that tells stories.

3. Jenn Blake, who is mainly known for her My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic comic work is able to draw various characters, and often posts voting contests for fans to choose a drawing to be shown on Facebook. Very nice artist and should get more varied work than she does at the moment.

4. Thomas Zahler is a multiple creative threat who should at least get more work just because of his Love and Capes series alone. Don't believe me buy a copy of this superhero rom-com from IDW.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 13

    There isn't much I want to say about the differences between the 90s English dub and the original Japanese dub. I do want to point out the 90s dub misses out on the feminist dialogue in the later minutes of the battle. This is a very important difference in my opinion. Also while both dubs show Tuxedo Mask getting his butt kicked, I was hoping the Japanese dub at least got one punch in. Come on really? The guy gets lunged at and then that fight is basically over.

    As for Jadeite is he dead or just trapped in a cursed state? Also Queen Beryl kind of needs anger management classes, or at least needs to use her crystal ball to monitor the scouts better. Seriously though what is the deal with the ball she has in front of her? Also what is their origin: is it Hell, Outer Space, Inner Space? I hope they reveal it in future episodes. Another important question is how many people did Jadeite kill at the amusement park and the other places? I ask because he succeeded at times in getting some energy. Finally why did he not burn Tokyo in the first place, or at least derail the train the scouts were on?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

In the Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 12

    Okay how many people accidentally fell off this illusionary love boat? I believe some did. If you think about the explanation for the boat in the english version from the 1990s being a simple illusion. Now think about the fact we don't know if the boat had 666 which the Japanese dub says is the limit, and Tetiz even say that they have around 600. So if both versions had junk boats with magic covering the looks then you can see where I am coming from.

   The other questions that I am left with are things like why did Jadeite get spirited away by Queen Beryl just as he is going to take on the Sailor Scouts? If Beryl was so pissed off at Jadeite why didn't she distract him somehow mid-battle with the scouts? This could have provided a severe punishment, and caused the scouts to think they were more powerful then they are at this point in time. Finally if I have psychic planet powers I could cheat a game of chance? That is useful to know.

    By the way, Rei in the 1990s English version suggests going after guys who have just had a break-up on the boat. This is both devious and wrong, due to how she just wants to show Serena/Usagi up. Speaking of the English dub from the 1990s also had a better episode title Cruise Blues. I say this because it is short and to the point. One thing that I can't decide is which is funnier, Usagi winning tons of soap (English 1990s dub) or Tissues (Japanese dub).

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day of Review Armor Hunters Harbinger Issue 2

    I will say it again the Zygos Twins of Gen Zero are creepy. These two are also the scene stealers of this mini-series, though all the characters get a moment to shine. Also I would not be surprised if the Zygos Twins turn villainous at some point in the future. Another character that had some great moments and almost steals the show is Titan. Even though this little guy only gets around three lines he has some of the best comedic moments in the issue.

   Now while everyone did stellar jobs, one exposition bit of text at the beginning did say "alian" instead of "alien." However this is a small enough mistake that I can still recommend this issue. Next month we will see if I can recommend the entire mini-series as a whole.

Day Of Review Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu Issue 4

    This issue is very anti-climatic and makes the title a misnomer. Instead of the Kung Fu we get a weird mystic battle and a car crash stunt. This sharp turn in plot also combines with too many words and not enough of allowing the art to explain the story. As this is the last issue of this mini-series I can say with certainty, that in my opinion Mike Benson failed to tell his story. Benson either had too few issues and not enough time, or he needed a better story for his 3rd and 4th issues. The last page signifies nothing and is just there and is a waste of time and talent.

   Tan Eng Huat's pencils and Craig Yeung's inks are also a bit weak in terms of his figures design consistency. All the characters look different depending on the set of pages one looks at. This adds to the anti-climatic feel of the writing, because it leaves the reader with nothing to look at except a nice coloring and lettering job.

For these reasons this mini-series is not recommended.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Advance Review Of Armor Hunters Bloodshot Issue 2

    This issue is weaker than the last issue for the following reasons: The art is too scratchy looking and the color choices are a bit bland. Another problem is the third sentence of dialogue on the first page is either not written right, or was lettered wrong. This issue's pacing of the action like the first issue in this mini-series could have be faster. Coherency is also a problem in both the summary and story. Regarding the summary the Armor Hunters arrival time is made to be at the time of Bloodshot's escape from Project Rising Spirit, however a paragraph then talks about him being recruited in Columbia by M.E.R.O after the escape. This could easily confuse a new reader who is just starting with this issue. The story does not tie-in well with the other titles, and feels very much like it's own thing in terms of sequence of events.

   Due to all these reasons I again can not recommend this title.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Marvel Only Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Potential Spoilers

Potential spoilers in this list beyond this point:

1. Elektra # 8 from 1997 is both recommended and not recommended. The only reason I recommend this is the sex change aspect and how it effects a specific character arc in the series. The reasons to avoid this issue are: A weird and confusing villainous plot. The overly dark cover that contains a revealing bit of information. The pin-up art at the end being too cutesy for a character that kills in most of her better titles. The story just being there, and not really adding or subtracting anything to the character of Elektra.

2. I cannot recommend comics featuring the Marvel Superman analogue The Sentry. He is too contradictory a character. Also his history and various origins are confusing for even the most advanced comic expert.

3. The series Adam: Legend Of The Blue Marvel is not recommended. However I recommend this character's appearances in the 2013-current Mighty Avengers. I also praise Kevin Grevioux for creating this character, though his writing was flawed in some ways in Adam: Legend Of The Blue Marvel.

4. Speaking of recommended characters, I do not recommend that Marvel continue using the current "sliding around 12 year timeline." This is contributing to the killing of the comics industry by not allowing characters like Spider-Man actually learn from their mistakes. This timeline also makes it harder for legacy and new heroes to be accepted, because the same story wells keep being used.