Thursday, September 18, 2014

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 17

     Okay who fronted the money for the photo shoot in this episode, and if it was the kid photographer did he go broke afterwards? Also Usagi's prep work for modeling is odder in the original Japanese dub versus the 90s' English version. For crying out lout in the O.G. version she practices rhymes. Another odd thing is the O.G. photographer just giving up his passion after he is no longer possessed. This made me like the 90s' version a little more for this episode, because he decides to focus on moon photography instead of girls or landscapes.

     Some things I found interesting are: Mamoru making an empowerment speech about inner beauty that Usagi later quotes. We also for the first time see just Mamoru without him becoming Tuxedo Mask, which is an interesting change in the formula. Also If I haven't it mentioned yet Usagi's earth family are jerks in the Japanese dub!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day Of Release Review The Delinquents Issue 2 Potential Spoilers

   While not as much of a gut buster as the first issue, this issue is a laugh riot right from the summary. Speaking of the jokes some are borderline dirty and one is Blazing Saddles type humor. (Tinder, heh!) Also we get the cliched main super character misunderstanding based fight, which results in some interesting after-effects. I love this series so much and recommend it. Also I loved the creative use of shadows and space in the art. If you are looking for a mystery, and jokes of the non-politically correct variety this comic is for you.

Day Of Release Review Of Unity Issue 11 Potential Spoilers

Potential Spoilers Beyond This Point  

     This is a good issue that I recommend. Though it really is more of a Ninjak spotlight issue versus a team focused one. Sure we have the Eternal Warrior & Livewire getting some focus, but it seems more like a guest stint for them. That being said I think the story works. We get more of an idea how Ninjak acquires his devices, and why they are not widely available. The art and coloring choices are also smartly done with the flashbacks Ninjak has looking a bit more original than most. Also Ninjak has a good character moment involving helping a civilian near the end of the issue.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Advance Review of Armor Hunters Bloodshot Issue 3

   I will give penciler Trevor Hairsine and inker Mark Pennington half a point for doing better on art for this issue. However this issue and the entire mini-series as a whole served no purpose. One fault is  the lack of resolution in the flashback section of the story. The second major fault is the uneven balance between being self-contained while being part of the Armor Hunters event. It can not be read by itself, because it has a "to be concluded in another title" type ending. My reason for saying it does not work as a tie-in is the sequencing of events in Armor Hunters, Unity, and the other tie-ins do not connect well with this title's events. For these reasons I do not recommend this issue or mini-series.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Films That Stole Time From My Life And I Know Suck Edition The First

    This is a new irregular feature for this blog featuring movies I have actually seen and that I hated.

1. Truimph Of The Will is probably the number one worst waste of my time in college. I had to see this in a Human Rights In Documentary Films course.

2. D.W. Griffith's The Birth Of A Nation (1915). This film is poorly paced and incredibly racist.

3. Behold A Pale Horse starring Gregory Peck & Anthony Quinn is a waste of their talent. It is illogical in story and characterization.

4. Titanic starring Leonardo Dicaprio. The leaps in logic, the pointless romance, and the fact I never wanted to see it but was dragged to see it anyway. Also like the movie Pearl Harbor, it is not really about the titular subject.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Not Recommended Comics List of 4 The Moonlight Edition

1. Moon Knight #10 from 1981. It is just a Batman with D.I.D., or as people used to call it Multiple Personality Disorder, mental breakdown story. Though I did find the less scratchy Bill Sienkiewicz art to be interesting. Personally I think Moon Knight only works as a crazy moon god avatar.

2. The Incredible Hulk # 283 from 1983. While it is a serviceable story with a good premise, it suffers two major flaws. One of them is a collapse in logic when Captain America throws his regular shield in outer space. If a baddie had not caught it during the battle then it would just keep going. Finally the battle lasts just a little too long.

3. Shazam! #13 from 1974. I am not recommending this because it is mostly reprints with only two original stories from that era. If it had been mainly original stories filling the 100 pages than I would have recommended it.

4. Impact Comics's annuals from 1992. These annuals were pretty bad for a few reasons. The cover art is atrocious, while the interiors vary. The main storyline is too "grim and gritty" in its approach to storytelling. The back up stories range from barely okay to depressingly bad. Heck, there are a few stories that don't even really have endings.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

In The Name Of The Moon It Will be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 16

   This is a bit of an odd episode in my opinion. Partly because both the Japanese Dub and the 1990s English dub, while having certain differences, focus almost exclusively on the wedding contest. The teacher who is leached of energy by the monster is also not really shown, even though she is the bride in the story. Also Queen Beryl not being in the episode for once threw me a little off. And am I the only one to notice Usagi's puppet hands when she makes that weird anime lovestruck/drooling face? Finally the fight was a bit of a let down because of how short it was.