Friday, January 30, 2015

Groo Friends And Foes Issue 1 Mini-Review

 There is not much that can be said except this is a good place for this new Groo title to begin. The art is very reliant on expressions which is typical of Sergio's style. While the story has a predictable end there is a twist that makes it satisfying as well. However I am not sure if the Captain is a friend or foe. For that matter based on the events in this issue, and my limited knowledge of Groo's history, the title may be a purposeful misnomer. Overall this is a light and breezy but enjoyable issue that I recommend.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Stars The Lord Edition

1. Iron Man/X-O Manowar: Heavy Metal #1 published by Marvel and Acclaim/Valiant in 1996. This is actually issue 2 of a video game adaptation/tie-in. If that was not bad enough it exemplifies the problematic art and writing styles of the 1990s. Avoid if possible.

2. G.I. Joe Special Missions #8 From 1987 fails for two reasons. On the cover Beachhead's aim looks to be off in a deliberate sense, or he is at least shooting a foe not shown. Mines being on a road and not accidentally being set off by a civilian's animal transport. WTH!

3. The first teaser for Fantastic 4 from 2015. Holy F'ing NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Utter crap or at least it would be if there were anything actually happening in the footage. What there is looks too dark and derivative.

4. Captain Marvel #3 published in 1966 by M.F. Enterprises. So much wrong in just the basics of sequential art from one panel to the next. Not to mention how simple it would be to stop this hero who splits his body parts apart. This is more of an absurd power than Arm Fall Off Boy.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 36

   I can't believe they cut that dream sequence opening. Sure they got the bad dream part across in both versions, but if a viewer was not paying attention then they wouldn't get that point. Also Artemis is a bit of a douchebag in the 1990s English dubbing during the scene at the temple. This also feels like an episode that should have been done earlier, because Mamoru could easily be asked about Usagi's identity. Instead we get the DNA scans.

   Questions this time are: How did Minako get Usagi's hair mixed with hers to the point the DNA scanners mixed the two up? How much advanced technology do the bad guys for this season/series have? Why do the bad guys need technology when they can do magic? Anyone else think Mamoru sounded philosophically poetic in the Japanese dub?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth Issue 127 Mini-Review

  What is not said in this story's dialogue is well told in the art's non-verbal actions and expressions. Page one of this issue's story says more in the space of the first two panels than most stories can manage to pull off. Now this is not to say the text is not important, however it just pales in comparison to the art. I recommend this comic for this awesome narrative.

Dark Horse Presents Issue 6 Review

     Out of all the stories in this issue the two least well done tales are 'Tiger Lung: The Guide' and 'Wrestling With Demons Chapter 6.' Both stories are not horrible, but they are lesser than what they could be. Demons concludes in a very stereotypical Christian redemption tale way. While not a bad ending it does lack some originality. Tiger Lung's tale, while original, felt very much like the middle of the story and seems to lack any beginning or end. Which makes 'The Guide' part of the story title a bit of a misnomer.

     Now all the stories are great in terms of art, even with one of the Pastaways having the same design as a certain speedster Kolins drew in the past. The colors, or gray tones in the case of 'Murder Book,' are all well chosen and the issue as a whole runs through a wide variety. In terms of writing there are stories for pretty much everyone in this book's age rating. None of the stories are overly grim nor are they too bright and cheerful. So my final verdict is: I recommend it.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Transforming Ghost Toon Edition

1. The cover Steve Ditko created for 1977's Shade The Changing Man #2 has a great design. With the cover art "sweet spot" being hit by Shade's projected head and a black bolt. It intrigues potential readers with the dialogue given by each foe. It is busy but in an ordered way. No space is wasted.

2. From DC there is the Space Ghost  2005 mini-series in collected form. In single issues this comic probably sucked. However it works as an entertaining teen or teen plus book for Space Ghost fans. The collected edition also has a great text piece about Space Ghost's history.

3. The Fade Out #4 from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Published in 2015 by Image Comics is an issue that unfamiliar readers can jump into without prior knowledge. Not many recent and current series have been able to pull this off, and most don't bother to try. Also there are great real world celebrities stories in both the extra materials and the main story.

4. Sex Criminals #10, published by Image in 2015, is definitely for the 18 and up crowd. The letters are hilarious and cool! Plus the relatable characters and the issue's twist ending rock. You will not see dialogue like this in most comics, especially mature rated comics.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Warning of Potential Spoilers!

    This issue is a little off in terms of the dialogue between Buffy and Spike at the end. Though this could be attributed to their changing relationship statuses. As for the art it could be better in certain areas. Such as when Clive turns his head to congratulate Andrew. At that moment Clive, who resembles Grant Morrison and has a following like Aleister Crowley, looks like he has a huge tumor emerging out of skull. Now while I feel Olivia could have used a little more body weight, it has been several years since she has appeared.

   On the flip side this comic has a good balance between humor and action. With the issue getting back to the Buffyverse's uniqueness by having Buffy's speed-dating attempt be a hilarious failure. The art by Megan Levens is good enough most of the time in being kinetic, and resembling the actors who originally brought these characters to life. My Verdict is on the recommended side of things. In other words I recommend this issue due to the hilarious dating through line.