Sunday, August 31, 2014

Advance Super-Mini-Review Of The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage Plus Edition Additional Material

    I stand by my original opinion that the regular edition is not recommended. However I will recommend the plus edition due to the exclusive story in about The Black Mask Of Justice. This character is an amusing parody of the communist fighting superhero trend of the 1950s through the 1980s. I actually wouldn't mind more adventures featuring this screwball character. Pick up this comic in plus edition form this week.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Just Don't Arrow It

1. Green Arrow #40 from 2004. Why Judd Winick wrote this issue so badly in terms of transitions I will probably never know. He is a decent writer, but if this was a movie it would jump cut way too much.

2. Green Arrow #47 and 48 from 2005. Not recommended due to the Duke Of Oil's overly cheesy dialogue. The other characters are beautiful written, but the Duke is so annoying I can't recommend these issues.

3. Peter Cannon: Thuderbolt #1, published by Dynamite Entertainment in 2012, has too many words blocking the narrative the art gives. If it had less words I would have not put it on this list.

4. Tales Of The Sinestro corps: Superman Prime in 2007. This piece of [insert all curse words ever] is just not worth it due to so many bad ideas.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 14

     First off let me explain what I didn't like about this episode. One such thing is that I am pretty sure the 1990s English dub had some bits cut from this episode for the stupid transitions with the the tiara. Which is odd because most of it is the same, except for Usagi's freak out over the Sister comment Naru makes. Also how did Luna, Sailor Mars & Sailor Mercury know to show up at all towards the end of the episode? It makes less sense then Tuxedo Mask's sudden appearances each episode he is in. Zoisite's voice in the Japanese version sounds too mannish, and not like a trickster character at all. Part of the reason I liked her in the original 1990s English dub was she sounded like a female trickster type villain.

    Now regarding what I liked about the episode is Tuxedo Mask's cane attack, and the fact he sticks around to actually help fight. We also get a little bit of realistic character development from Naru, Usagi, and Tuxedo Mask. The former in how she has things about her life that even her best friend Usagi doesn't know. Tuxedo Mask shows development by fighting, and having a mysterious power surge. Usagi by proving she can kind of hold her own with minimal help, and there by gaining the respect of Ami & Rei. Finally the fact that Nephrite is relying on magic astrology is kind of both fun and funny.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day Of Release Review Of Rai Issue 4

   This issue is what I have wanted out of Rai. It has decent pacing in both the writing and art. Speaking of the art, it does not look rushed. Instead it looks like Clayton Crain has a handle on all the designs now. Rai and the other characters all have unique feeling voices now. The twists involving both the factions' villainous leaders are shown expertly. I could honestly believe each bit of story logic for this issue. Sadly readers have to wait for December for the next part of Rai. Hopefully we will have the same quality from this recommended issue continue on then. Go buy this comic.

Day Of Release Mini-Review All-New Invaders Issue 9

     The pacing is good, the interior art is nice, but the comic is ruined by three things. A last page reveal regarding the villain comes out of seemingly nowhere. Plus a potentially good issue involving alot of the Deathloks seems like it is getting sidetracked by this issue's villain's constant gloating. The guy never shuts-up. Speaking of the Deathloks, the cover features Luther Manning the first Deathlok. This makes the cover a total waste, because it promises a story that he is barely in. (It is also not his last appearance, due to the nature of corporate comics. Though that is neither here nor there.) Due to these three problems I can't recommend this issue.

Day Of Release Mini-Review Of Mega Man Issue 40

    This issue is definitely recommended for it's hopeful yet slightly dark story. The art while seemingly simplistic shows a depth that belies it's cartoonish nature. Both the colorist and letterer are deserving of kudos as well for doing their jobs right. Each character seems to have a unique voice. This is definitely a series worth checking out. The story arc Dawn Of The Age Of X that this issue concludes is a good story for oncoming readers to start with.

    Addendum: This is the 40th issue of a video game comic series that I thought would have long ago gone kaput from lack of reader interest. However I think the nostalgia factor, and its crossover with Sonic The Hedgehog helped it reach this milestone. Hopefully this series causes some new video games and cartoons based on the Mega Man/Rock Man property to be created.

Day Of Release Review Of Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Issue 2

   First off they should not have used singing in this issue, especially a song that most people don't know. No one can't hear a song in a comic book. Secondly, Titan Books is not off to a great start with this Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor series. This issue has too many words, and is paced worse than the first issue. The art is nice and consistent. However it has no wow factor, because of the lack of forward action in the book. This feels like a wait for the collected editions title versus a monthly pick-up. Unless you are a super hardcore Tenth Doctor fan, I recommend not picking this issue up.