Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Conan The Avenger Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   The interior and cover art is better than last issue, though the line work on the interior art could be smoother. As for the dialogue, it has several things wrong or that seem to be nonsensical. For instance Conan is called Cormac by an enemy. An example of the nonsensical elements is when Thoth-Amon says in the first few pages something that is downright confusing regarding fathering Set.* Finally the coloring is the only thing I truly found no flaw in. This is because the lettering looks at times to be the weird font style that was used in the recent Predator comics. While not an unforgivable stylistic choice it does render the font unimpressive by seeing it again so soon.

   I don't recommend this comic.

*Set was an Egyptian god and the idea of a wizard being his father makes no sense. Even though Conan stories are set in a fictional time that is supposed to predate ancient Egypt it still makes zero sense.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Edited World Edition

1. Flash #91 circa 1994 is a good experiment in telling a story about near-light super-speed. The creative team experimented with the perceptions one might have at such a speed. It also helped with some of the set-up with the speed force as a mystic dimension/energy source/afterlife.

2. Cover dated February 1990 The Shadow Strikes #6 is an interesting issue. Not just for the 3rd part of the first Doc Savage/The Shadow team-up, but because of the clever villains. Except for the amount of art this story really feels like a pulp novel.

3. Mega Man #46 from 2015 is not just a well written all ages comic, but a good story about how robotics might develop if they (robots) eventually learn more than functions.

4. The trade collection Fables Volume 16 Super Team from 2011 is a good read, except for two things. It is not the best choice for people new to the saga that is Fables and the covers being at the back makes the start of each issue a little wonky.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Creepy Issue 19 Review

     The best style and line work featured in this issue is in the story titled 'Acquisitions' by Richard P. Clark. His style is both realistic and horrific, while his line work is strong and smooth. Though 'Acquisitions' is the best for the reasons stated it is not the best in terms of the comic title word. Creepy's best in terms of nature is 'Mad Jack's Girl' which fits the comic perfectly. On the other hand Peter Bagge's pages are ill-fitting for Creepy since they are more suited to an issue of Mad due to their humorous nature. Finally the story 'Team Player' is decent but too simple.

   I recommend this issue partly due to it being decent work, but also because I could tell care went into the work.

Captain Midnight Issue 20 Mini-Review

   Artist Michael Broussard's art is exceptional! Though the interior work colored by Javier Mena is much better colored than the cover. As for the writing it could be better regarding the dialogue, but is good work nonetheless. I recommend this for an excellent start to Captain Midnight's part in the Archon crossover with X.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Tomb Raider Issue 13 Review

    Damn this cover art is blurry and obviously referenced for Lara's facial region. In my opinion this is the first truly exceptionally bad tomb raider cover art this series has had. Either Brenoch Adams was rushed for some reason or a lot more practice is simply required. There are also problems with the interior work by artist Derlis Santacruz and inker Andy Owens. The depth is lacking in terms of atmosphere and there is a lack of dimension with certain body parts. Another problem is the sense of consistency devolves with each page. There is one problem with the lettering that is partly due to the lack of consistency in the art. Finally the script could use some work on sequential narrative, pacing and character voices.

    I do not recommend this issue of Tomb Raider, but I do hope the creative team can pull off the next issue successfully.

Not Recommended Comics List 4 Of Marvelously Joe Edition

1. G.I. Joe Special Missions #6 from 1987. This is a pretty pointless issue where the mission began in an issue of G. I. Joe A Real American Hero and isn't even resolved in this comic. Also the villain is an ill-thought out stock character with a very generic villain name. I do not recommend this comic, unless you want a complete collection or happen to buy a trade with this in it.

2. The Isis story from Shazam! #25 circa 1976 has a weak plot and a character who is saved in a way that should've resulted in her dying. If that were not bad enough Captain Marvel the titular character is reduced to a cameo appearance in his own title. As for the second story featuring Captain Marvel it has the villain wearing a disguise for no reason and then tipping off the hero to his plan.

3. X-Force #91 from 1999 is all over the place in terms of the art and some of the art is nightmare inducing bad. The cover suggests a character study of the super-heroine Siryn, but the story quickly and frequently deviates from said study.

4. G.I. Joe Special Missions #12 has the Joe team as celebrities in an airshow for the public and yet this is supposed to be a book on their covert missions. FAIL!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 40

   DIC cut Luna's scene and the reasoning for the Scouts sudden appearance at the resort, thus making the English dub for this episode the worse version. However that is not all they also didn't catch several other obvious mistakes such as the lack the mother's fear and Ami's saying "smercury" instead of "Mercury." Though that is not as wrong as what the Japanese dubbed dad implies with his word choice in the car. Seriously Usagi's dad makes it sound like he is being cuckolded by his daughter possibly dating. What the hell! Finally I really don't see the point of this episode other than as filler.

   Query Time! Does anyone else think the Japanese version of ending makes it look like Usagi has been dunked under water too long? How does being the Yokai being sent to an afterlife equal her being punished? So how does the Yokai woman being sent to the same afterlife not result in a demonic presence in that afterlife once she encounters the couple?