Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why I will not review Girl Meets World

Dear Readers,

 As the title states I will not be doing reviews of Girl Meets World. This is because I would like for younger reviewers to get more attention for their reviews of the show. I mainly watched Girl's parent show Boy Meets World through re-runs. While I could expound about the good and the bad of both shows, I would rather comment on the blogs of those developing cynical reviewers of the present. So to the parents and guardians of writers reading this please express constructive criticism regarding reviews of Girl Meets World. To the show's cast and crew I say "good luck and give us a premiere date already."



Writing this is not libel

   Due to Michael Vick having been found guilty in the past of animal abuse, I think "Michael Vicking It" should be used for at least some animal abuse. If there were a more famous animal abuse case than it would get that person as a label. However Michael Vick did the crime so in my mind animal abuse can be referred to as "Michael Vicking It!"

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wild Dream I Had

      The dream started out with me at a comic convention with weird displays that reminded me of supermarkets. The comics are displayed differently on a meat and cheese sorta of display. Now I am not alone at this con, there are of course other random unknown people, as well as some people I know. While I am purchasing some comics I notice my friends Alexia Anastasio and Colin Pohl are tagging along. Which in itself is weird because they have never met. Now the comics are weird because I end up getting them for free, even though one costs 60 dollars and features a Black Canary appearance that didn't happen.

      After that my friends and I end up walking through this bar that is part of the convention. Right inside  is celebrity author Sasha Grey in black and red pants and shirt outfit drinking with hangers on. One of the male hangers acts annoyed when I strike up a brief chat with Sasha. The conversation, which she seems geuninely interested in, being about the 60 dollar comic and getting several comics for free. We part ways after this with me going off into an every type of food selection section attached to the convention with my friends.

Then I woke up and committed it to memory and now to my blog.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

More Weird Ideas

1. If Superman had really married Lois Lane in the Action Comics, World's Finest, or Superman titles of the 1940s' would history be better or worse for it.

2. If the above did happen would Superman and his cast still be around today, and by the same token would they (Superman and Lois) still be married? For example Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman of Marvel's The Fantastic Four are still married, due in part because the original creators married them during their run on the title.

3. How many people saw The Crucible with Daniel Day-Lewis as the male lead and then thought that he was dry as an actor. Mainly because he gets too into his roles.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weird Story from my past

    So several years back I go into a Starbucks near Webster University for a meeting with classmates and an older couple comes up to me. They then just start talking about a burlesque act they saw in Missouri and they are acting as if we have met. Never found out their names or cleared up the confusion, but this was an interesting life moment for me.

    The lesson here is if you get involved in an interesting conversation about an interesting topic, then just go with it.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Comics In Focus Chris Claremont's X-Men Movie All Download Versions Review

     Sequart Research and Literacy Organization and Respect! Films recently released of Comic In Focus Chris Claremont's X-Men documentary. This is a review of all the downloads: movie, plus footage, and the ultimate footage.

    The regular movie is fairly short which helps it keep on track regarding exploring the titular topic. Chris Claremont and the other interviewees such as Ann Nocenti provide interesting information, no matter the version of footage one views. However while each version is interesting the ultimate cut is a touch too long and unfocused. The other major problem in the ultimate is the lack of good transitions, this along with the jump cuts hurts this version. I would recommend at least getting the plus footage and watching it after the regular, because of the behind-the-page info provided.

    Only major fans of comics history, Saturday Night Live, X-Men titles or the creator's interviewed should bother with the ultimate version. Though the ultimate does provide seemingly more info on women heroes not getting enough respect and Chris's views on this. Also include is more funny stuff regarding an in-depth story on Marvel's team-up with Saturday Night Live.

   All said not the best documentary, but not near the worst!