Monday, February 8, 2016

The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage Second Lives Issue 2 Review

  The summary page is great in both the amount of text based information it gives and the experimental layout of the minimalistic visual information. Other comic professionals, and illustrators of novels, might want to take note of the idea of experimenting with the design of summary pages. As for the interior art it is a little problematic in the facial expressions on the first page's last panel. However the rest of the art is definitely amazing for evoking the horrors of the supernatural in this story. Specifically the rough frenzied style of the line work. Finally the dialogue feels realistic and unique for each character and the pacing is excellent.

   Recommended for all comic readers that are old enough for this issue. Also fans of the supernatural and those looking for realistic banter between a couple.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Venom Shivers Edition

1. Venom #1 from 2003 has chaotic interior line work and a made for the trade script.

2. 1983's Marvel Team-Up #126's first story with Luke Cage/Power Man and The Son Of Satan is almost okay except for the abrupt ending. It just needed more room to develop. The alleged team-up between the Hulk and Spider-Man is just a fight between the two.

3. Nightcrawler #1 from 2004 is problematic from the amount of security on duty in the initial setting to basic grammar issues. Also having been a child resident of a mental hospital in my youth I know for a fact that this story has a unrealistic opening. The fact is that children are usually not left unattended by orderlies or nurses in the play areas. Not to mention the way Nightcrawler gets involved is highly unusual given the opening incident is being investigated by official investigators.

4. Honor #1 published in 2015 by Double-Take, LLC. is essentially just one day in two cops' lives. The art is too subtle at times. Finally the narrative could have used a mature readers warning label and something actually occurring with the zombie.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Usagi Yojimbo Issue 148 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue is not only recommended, but one I consider to be essential. I have several reasons why I consider it to be essential and they are as follows: Usagi gambles on a fight and this is a bit of a rarity for such an honorable character. Another reason that this story works is because of the main title character simply reacting. This is something that only a master of a creative field, in this case sequential art, can do with a narrative. The flashback visuals in the One-Armed Ronin's tale are beautiful in their simplistic design and execution. Finally there is the simple fact that I happen to agree with the ending moral of this issue. So as I said at the start this is a recommended and essential issue.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Itty Bitty Hellboy The Search For The Were-Jaguar Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Strong visual gags plus a slight kinetic feel within the minimal art. The subtitle is still screwing this book up because no one has had to actually search for the Were-Jaguar. Also the Flower Zombies make more of an appearance than the Were-Jaguar. In terms of the overall narrative The bubble bit is the funniest bit, though Baba Yaga and her doomsaying almost stole the show. I still don't think this is a recommended comic in the singles format, but I may recommend the series collected edition depending on how the last issue goes.

  Not recommended in single format unless you already got all the prior singles, a fanatic regarding the creators' work, or simply need some hope in life.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 9

   The Americanized version of Mamoru leaves the episode with a line that makes him sound like a bad boyfriend. Also based on the interactions in this episode I have to say the English dub is inferior to the Japanese dub. For instance Kaolinite somehow knowing the English version of Neptune is the "cousin" of Uranus comes out of nowhere. That being said Ami's first line is more believable in the original English Dub due to her book's positioning.

    Questions! How come Yamada is able to call off the attackers if he had nothing to do with the attack? Why were Haruka's single attacks on the would-be murderers enough to scare them off? Shouldn't Uranus's unique smell have tipped off Artemis and Luna in prior episodes? Also what exactly did she smell like that in combination with the hold made Usagi think of men and cologne? For that matter shouldn't the unique smell involve a combination of cologne, sweat, and motor oil? Were the television monitors actually holographs or was Kaolinite actually able to not destroy one under her? Speaking of which who acquired the footage/images of the heroes in the first place?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Star Wars The Force Awakens Mini-Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Some Spoilers!

   This edition in the franchise is good in the original aspects but bad in the derivative aspects. The ending is too long at the tail-end. I have no problem with Fin as a character, and I honestly feel John Boyega should have gotten some major award nominations. His accent and acting is just that good. The only character I have a problem with is Kylo Ren. Partly due to his actions but mainly because of how he does not look like a relation of Han or Leia. Finally I do think this is better in being a Star Wars movie versus the prequel movies except in how politics are shown.

   Note: When this hits Blu-Ray I will eventually come back to write a more detailed review.

Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Other than one barely noticeable bit of text at the beginning there are no real problems in this comic. Though I do think this issue was a tiny bit off in pacing. Also the summary ends with a bit that confused me as to whether a mistake was made or if a hint of future arcs was being given. The last nitpick I have is that the torture felt a little less than it could have been given those involved. I mean demons should not be so generic in their torture methods. However one has to look consider the rating and it can restrict what can be done. Also we are only seeing the tail end of what Gilad had to endure.
   On the positive side of things the art is beautiful in a gothic way that evokes some of the line work of Mike Mignola. Though the line work is still distinctive enough so it won't be confused for a copy of Mignola's style. As for the writing it has lighter moments to elevate the dark nature of the narrative.