Friday, October 31, 2014

Review Of Harbinger Omegas Issue 3 Potential Spoilers

     This issue is recommended! The reasons why are the art is solid, consistent, and brilliantly colored. As for the story the use of the theme of control is expertly explored. We get Harada losing and gaining control in parts of his life. Stanchek still being out of control, and yet he seems to have more of a sense of peace in regards to life. The juxtaposition of their actions and circumstances is deftly done, and makes one see both points of view as possibly being correct. (Also in my opinion Kris is still trying to control her life based on a feeling of helplessness from Stanchek's original mindf'ing.)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 23

   Wow does Naru have a battered housewife persona when it comes to Nephrite or what? Seriously he has no interest in her and has done a bunch of strange things to her that she thinks are dreams, so why is she all lovey-dovey? Also a 14 year old getting phone calls from someone who is obviously an adult in the middle of the night, and her mom who was held hostage in the first episode lets her talk to  him? WTF! Instead of handing Naru the phone she should have called the police, or at least threatened to do so!

    Now the questions I had in relation to this episode's events: Were the Scouts suggesting revealing their identities to Naru? Did Mamoru not have money on his person at the food joint? Where do the wallets and clothes go when the characters transform? What would have happened if the tiara had hit Naru? I.E. would it have hurt her at all, or does someone have to be evil and the initial target for it to work right?

Mini-review Of Sonic Boom Issue 1

    This issue really feels more kid-oriented than the regular universe Sonic comics. I was sort of reminded of the very early issues of Sonic The Hedgehog when it was still finding its way. That being said it is a serviceable done in one story of a new series that may, or may not, succeed. I say this for few reasons: first long-time fans may not like the potential threat to the regular Sonic comics. However, this comic series could draw in more readers with the new cartoon series giving it a promotional push. Not to mention the stories in this series could get better. Finally if the series sticks around, we may get crossovers between the two universes. I recommend at least buying a copy of this comic to give to a young kid.

     For those that are not familiar with these Sonic comics the regular universe is mainly a variation on the Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon series that played for two seasons in the early to mid-90s on Saturday mornings. (Note this version has become known as Sonic SATam by fans.) However, Sonic Boom is taking part in a new universe  based off a new cartoon series and video games.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review Of Thanos A God Up There Listening Issue 4 Spoilers

    Thanos is depicted in this horrible mini-series as more the Jason Aaron version than the Jim Starlin version. What I mean by this is that Thanos maybe insane, but Mistress Death is considered a real cosmic being within the Marvel standard universe by most fans. Iconic stories like the Infinity Gauntlet established this as a rule. So by betraying this precedent that most fans think of when they think of Thanos the storytellers fail. Same holds true for the confusion regarding the Ebony Maw. He was clearly alive in Infinity. Plus this series says that not only is Maw dead, but so are several other characters from Infinity and this series.

   So due to all the failings of the four issues, and the fact it does not resolve anything, I say ignore this series. Also we all might potentially want to ignore the Black Vortex story featuring the Guardians Of Galaxy that will pick up from this comic's ending. (However don't quote me on that last sentence.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Interview with Sisteray's Daniel Connolly

Rip: What was your first experience with music that made you want it as your profession? (This may not necessarily be your first ever.)

Daniel Connolly: For me personally, it was when my old man introduced me to Paul Weller's 'Stanley Road' album. It was the first time I'd ever listened to music and thought "wow, that really says something". From there on it became an ultimate session. I began to teach myself guitar and would spend hours every single day practising and even writing. 

Rip: Do you feel communication is essential when it comes to every level of your career?

Daniel Connolly: It's difficult to say and can be thought about too much. If you're a new band coming through and ignore any type of interaction, then that can be detrimental on your progression. Having that direct communication with fans has brought us closer to them and built a direct bond between band and fan but it goes much further than that. At gigs, we encourage fans to participate and even join us on stage, meaning that there's not just four members of Sisteray... anyone can be part of this band. It's important to note that we do not communicate with fans for the sole purpose of selling records; it's something we genuinely enjoy doing. 

Rip: If you had to recommend just one song from Sisteray, to new people, what would it be?

Daniel Connolly: That's a hard one. Take It or Leave It... it's a new tune (only in demo form at the moment). I love it so much I've had it tattooed on my arm!

Rip: Any pre-show rituals?

Daniel Connolly: No... just drink as much beer as possible.

Rip: What are some dates and places you and the rest of Sisteray are scheduled to perform at next?

Daniel Connolly: We've just finished a hectic tour and played 4 gigs in the last 7 days alone across the UK. We are going in to the studio early November and are planning a massive Christmas show, so watch this space!

Note from Ripper: For updates from the band Sisteray check out @sisteray1 on twitter.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Jokes What Jokes Edition

1. Who came up with the first chicken crossing the road joke?

2. Was it even a chicken in the original joke?

3. How many jokes never made it from the ancient past to modern times?

4. Are there any hieroglyphics that contain a series of jokes?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Three DC And One Other Edition

1. The Futurians By Dave Cockrum #3 is a good continuation of the second issue which I previously recommended. Aimed at 1950s' Sci-Fi fans with the trappings of super-heroes. The aliens look very creepy and nightmarish.

2. 1st Issue Special #12 featuring the first alien Starman in 1976. This is Mikaal's only appearance until the James Robinson & Tony Harris series. As such the ending is a bit unsatisfying. However the characters are intelligent, and if the words were removed the art could tell most of the story by itself.

3. Secret Origins #37, cover dated 1989, presents Comedic takes on the Legion Of Substitute Heroes & Doctor Light. With a great cover that provides a chuckle all its own.

4. 1st Issue Special #8 by Mike Grell circa 1975. This issue shows how a singular vision can catch fire by showing Grell's Warlord at his beginning. Recommended for jungle adventure, dinosaur, and just plain fantasy fans. There is also a nice autobiographical piece on Grell within the pages of this comic.