Roseanne Season 1 Review

This first season is really good despite the lack of consistent set-up regarding the set-up for the season finale. Which is still interesting due to how if affects the show overall. Not to mention that as far as I know not many shows at that time did seasonal arcs that tied into their finales.

  Another inconsistency that I have heard about, but didn't notice as a kid, is how casting changes such as the two DJs affects the show. In my honest opinion it is a bit jarring, but not a bad move since the second DJ is honestly a better actor despite being younger. The first just had no screen presence and lacked real feeling of being honest in the line delivery.

  As for continuity between scenes and episodes I think they did rather well. Though I did notice the actress playing Becky hiding on the stairs in one episode where she is supposed to be upstairs. Speaking of episodes there are only two episodes this season that didn't work for me and one involved the Salesman.

  Finally t…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 37

The original Japanese is vastly superior to the first English dub. This is mostly because the English version sounds like a Spice Girls marketing quote on a loop. Simply saying "Girl Power!" does not equal empowerment. It also does not work as good repetitive dialogue. Not to mention there is also the factor of the dramatic, and dangerous, atmospheric feel that the Japanese dub is permeated with. Unfortunately I think the original English dub will not end well with this season due to the various edits to the dialogue.

   Question: Did I miss the illusions of Zirconia having flames on their eyeball staffs or did Ami not really need a computer to single out the real one?

Britannia: We Who Are About To Die Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue needed a little more editing due mainly to the grammatical errors that I noticed. There is also a flaw with how a panel featuring three conspiring rich guys is too big. Another flaw I noticed was in a panel done in a bird's eye p.o.v. where the main character is off-model. Though l flaw involves the sequencing of when the son is picked up by his friends and when his father finds him. Unless there was a long line for the temple of Apollo the boys went, or it was just far enough away, the son should have been dead by then. Finally the cliffhanger ending felt like a movie being shown on the channel AMC where it goes to commercial at the start of the most interesting bit.

  My verdict: Recommended if you are a die-hard fan of Valiant Entertainment, or have read the previous issues, since it is still pretty high-quality entertainment. However, not recommended for those that are casual readers, and those who are not wanting to pay full-price for a half…

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Mister Dellec Aspen Edition

1. Dellec #0 (2009) is too thin on the story side of things. Nice art though.

2. From 2017 we have Catalyst Prime: The Event (FCBD) published by Lion Forge. It has a bit too many words which hurts the pace of the reading experience. Also it the beginning of yet another Superhero universe and there are way too many of those in my opinion. However, the main reason I am not recommending this comic is that it didn't grab me enough.

3. Assassin's Creed: Free Comic Book Day 2016 is just a set-up for other issues. The art and lettering could be better in the first story. While the second story could have had a bit more meat to it. Not to mention that this really didn't make me desire to read the other comics or play the games.

4. They're Not Like Us Issues 1 to 3 (2014 and 2015) come off like a flagrant rip-off of The Invisibles and The original creative trappings of the X-Men. Not to mention that the story almost seems to be suggesting that people should hate others if they …

Rapture Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The only negative thing I have to say about the visuals is that the flashbacks during Rex's story could have used a better shading and maybe some bits of color. Otherwise the visuals are high quality, especially the texture on the opening pages.

   Sadly, the narrative is severely hurt due to the extraneous amount of exposition and lack of anything really happening. In fact this issue is like the last in that it makes this series seem like a stretched-out annual. This is especially true of the last few pages due to the fact that Shadowman could easily take on the bad guy. Finally the lettering has one flaw (a comma) in the first sentence of the summary.

  Not recommended.

Veil (Hardcover) Review

I don't really understand this story or why it had to be created, and this is mainly due to how it is too reliant on visuals. Also the story easily goes on for too many issues of unnecessarily stretched out events. It would have worked better with about two issues less of material. As for the art and lettering they are okay. However, the color palette and the execution of said palette is so muddy in appearance that it detracts rather than enhances the visuals.

   Not Recommended!

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 36

Other than the Chibi-Usa doll, and how its replacement of Chibi-Usa reminded me of Chrono Trigger, there is nothing that really stuck out for me with this episode. Yeah the head evil's back story exposition was in some ways more interesting than what was presented by the manga, but that isn't saying much.

   Question! How come the mirrors started to have evil reflections before the spell?

   Extra: I saw the 15 short Make-Up! Sailor Guardians and I think it is a good special feature for novices who buy the first movie before experiencing anything else. It definitely works as a mini-episode as well.