Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Short Stories Volume 2 Opinion Piece

The horror of having to experience the second movie again in manga form is actually not that bad since there is no audio. In other words I found it to be less of a sensory horror show. As for the supplemental materials they are definitely interesting and somewhat helpful. While the second story starring Rei has a lame end, and is over all kind of just there, it is still a somewhat decent character-centric piece. However, the last story just confused me. I mean is it a story set in the future or a story set in a parallel world's future? Either way I found it to be arguably worse than even the first movie.

Smart Blonde (1937) Review

Smart Blonde is the first in the Torchy Blane series of movies and it is a kind of movie that we don't see anymore. This is not due to it being having been made with reels of film or being a black & white movie. The reason it is not made anymore is due to the following reasons: It is not a blockbuster or arthouse type of movie. All of the characterization is subtly well-rounded, including the supporting and minor stock characters. There is the simple fact that most reporters don't track down leads like they used to do a few decades ago. The last thing I will say is that besides being subtly well-rounded in characterization due to the direction, story, line delivery, and costuming the movie also has a decent mystery.

  Very Recommended!

Shaper Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  While this comic wears some of its influences a little too clearly it is still a very fresh feeling story. An example of what I am talking about is when a character is unmasked. Also the opening and closing lines felt unnecessary for this issue, and this is in-spite of how they add some accessibility for readers who start(ed) with this issue. Finally the visuals are still amazing in terms of how the colors and art combine together to form a near-perfect series of images.

   Very Recommended!

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hermes Sandals Edition

1. Wonder Woman #109 (1996) strides a good balance between being suitable for young readers and adults. Also it has good characterization and character development.

2. The 1996 in-house advertisement for the DC comic book series The Power Of Shazam nicely parodies horror movies and cereal adverts, and it creates intrigue about the series.

3. The PSA comic page titled "Buzzy's Rules Of Water Safety" is good at providing visual and text based information on the subject. Though I feel some areas such as Wolfie's eyes could have been improved. One can be found in Rip Hunter...Time Master #10 (1962).

4. Wonder Woman #137 (1998) is an okay story and a relatively decent jumping on point for those who know only a little about Wonder Woman. However, the art could be better in some places, particularly the last page.

Ninjak Issue 27 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   There is one lettering mistake, but like most comics from the current incarnation of Valiant that is the worst that it gets in terms of lettering problems. Now as for the art I have problems with Neville's sudden aged brow and new weird visual gear. Has he aged due to an unseen adventure or is he just missing a lens? There is so far no explanation for this visual change. However, since this is the first issue under a new writer I will give it time. Otherwise this has some pretty good work in terms of designs and layout. Finally despite the writing being a little weak on location specifics and the villains motives is for the most part good.


Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Unforgiven Era Edition

1. Wonder Woman #99 (1995) is a prime example of why all comics from the 1990s have been stereotyped by many as having a bad reputation.

2. Wonder Woman #98 (1995) is another example of a bad comic from the "Extreme!" side of the 1990s. It follows all of the worst artistic trends, and has a barely serviceable script.

3. "Guardians of the Clockwork Universe" from Strange Adventures #22 (July, 1952) looks and feels like a generic "Earthling protects the universe" kind of 1950s' sci-fi tale. It stars one of the Pre-Silver Age attempts at superhero replacements Captain Comet.

4. Captain America #218 (1978) has a very crowded looking cover. Also the sequences, dialogue, and plot are poorly executed and boring. Finally the action scenes are lazy by having a burst of light show up. The best example of what I mean are the visual sound effects, minus the sound, that appeared during fights in the 1960s' live action Batman tv show.

Faith (Ongoing) Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The art has some problems with how characters move and some body proportions. Despite this there are some good visual moments such as those between Murder Mouse and Dark Star. Example being when they high-five. As for the lettering there is one missing letter in part of the summary. Lastly I think the writing and coloring are high quality, but I am personally not a fan of how light the color palette is.

  Recommended cause of the writing and the visual moments between Murder Mouse and Dark Star.