Generation Zero Issue 9 Review

I can't even begin to describe the flaws in this issue due to how many this issue has on its own. If one looks at the series as a whole it has failed in almost every way a comic book can. Just save your money and buy almost anything else.

    Not Recommended So Save Your Money And Time Status Activated!

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Arnold Drake Meet Lois Lane Edition

1. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #133 (1973)...."'Thud' is the sound my head makes against the desk after having read this drivel!" Example 1: Superman is treated as the lead in Lois's own title. Example 2: Perry White's cigar disappears then reappears as a cigarette. *Spoilers* Example 3: Superman excepting the lamest excuses for three characters' alibis in a ticking clock style mystery. *Spoilers*

2. The Daisy BB Gun advert found on the back of Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #133 (1973) is bad for three reasons. First there is the idea that comics cannot lead to good grades. Next that they are only something boys read. Finally it is advertising children being given guns. One has to wonder how many victims of gun violence this advert, and related ads, were the cause of?

3. Another bad advert found in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #133 is the one pager for Woods Edge Game/Tank Trap. Both sides of this ad have too much information and yet …

Rose From The Dead Review With Potential Spoilers!

Warning Of Potential Spoilers!

  First off this issue is slightly better in the areas of consistency and sequencing than independent comic creator Andrea Bell's other work Fair Voyage. However, I think Fair Voyage is better from a stylistic approach and shows how Andrea grew from this work's singular character voice to having the ability to differentiate her characters' voices. That all said this is pretty good work as far as early attempts at creating comics go. Finally I personally feel that the attempting to curse while not cursing is the most glaring weakness.

  Recommended primarily for ages 8 and up.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Ghost Patrol Emoji Edition

1. The Ghost Patrol story called "The 'Spectacular' Crimes" from Flash Comics #96 (June 1948) consists of the following flaws: Horrible dialogue, a weak plot, generic characters, poorly executed premise, bad fight choreography.

2. Wonder Woman #161 (1966) has two horribly stories ("The Curse Of Cleopatra!" and "Battle Inside A Brain!") and both have several flaws in writing, art, and general logic.

3. Team Titans #3 (1992) has several flaws such as pointless deaths, lousy attempts to cuss without cussing, and generic action scenes. Arguably the worst flaw is how the story arc is rendered pointless by a Deus Ex Machina combining with a de-powerment that negates the rational for the story.

4. Team Titans #2 (1992) is poorly edited and written, particularly in how the story is sequenced. There is also artistic flaws like the sideways double-page spread, which is never a good idea, and Battalion having red in place of human eyeballs.

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Mars To Pluto Edition

1. Has anyone attempted to contact alien worlds via fictional languages like Klingon?

2. What if we have been sending the equivalent of grunts to long dead worlds?

3. What current human language is closest to insect hive mind communication?

4. What long-dead human language is the easiest to imitate the Dodo's mating call?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Wonderful Paradise Edition

1. Wonder Woman #46 (1990) has a good trigger warning for this still topical issue. Said topic of suicide is handled in a caring and honest way. The art by Jill Thompson and Romeo Tanghal is a thing of beauty. Though this issue could have been better in its sequencing of past and present.

2. "The Inside Story Of Robotman!" from Detective Comics #138 (Aug. 1948) is actually pretty good in terms of the plot, dialogue, and general consistency. Though like any Golden Age story it still has flaws, such as the abrupt ending.

3. Wonder Woman #136 (1998) is flawed in several ways. However, it is interesting as a prime example of how to leave a run as a creator while leaving openings for another creator to work with.

4. Wonder Woman #130 (1998) is a decent beginning to a time travel story. It also has a good Back To The Future reference. Though I will admit the art could be better in some ways.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Sonny Puff Supers Edition

1. The story "Peril Of The Planet-Smashers!" World's Finest #208 (1971) has a flawed plot in how the villains want to reach ultimate peace in the form of a "nirvana" yet want to destroy Earth to do so. Very contradictory logic. There are also flaws with the character models and other visual work.

2. The 1990 Cocoa Puffs advertisement titled "Sonny the cuckoo bird in Chocolate Crunchville" found at the back of Wonder Woman #46 (1990). While it almost works it leaves too much of a question of why to buy it, and thus is two-dimensional in the telling.

3. Kenner's Super Sonic Power Smash-Up Derby advertisement found in World's Finest #208 (1971) seems slightly racist. This is due to how the one black kid (who seems to be a token character) is not really shown to be playing with white kids.

4. The 1990 Capri Sun 100% Natural Advertisement "One Good Fern Deserves Another" found in Wonder Woman #46 (1990) is falsely titled. It also fails to…