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Saving the comic industry

Erik Larsen has a great idea about how to save the industry that if at first implemented by the Big Two, DC and Marvel, could work. The problem is getting the head honchos to notice and implement this idea. I suggest that anyone and everyone who cares about comics should send DC and Marvel letters, e-mails, blog and vlog about it, go to cons and get people talking, bring it up in interviews even. Heck it might even help the economy. Together we just might make it work. One final thing is some of the spare money we comic fans could save could be used to help Haiti.

DC Publisher Speculation

This Newsarama link showcases what I think is ill-conceived speculation about possible candidates for the position of publisher of DC Entertainment. The only four choices that make sense are: A) Someone not on the list, B) Dan Didio, C) Avi Arad, or D) Bruce Timm. I believe that choices A and C have the same chance of happening, make of this what you will. Bruce Timm would be an interesting choice because he seems to understand the creative side of comics and other media as well as the business side. Timm also is a well known media figure so if he is given the position and agrees to it, it may draw attention to DC Entertainment from certain news sources. Dan Didio may get the job, but then again he may not, personally I would prefer Didio remaining editor-in-chief. I am in a wait and see mode, because guessing anything correctly right now is about as likely as being named editor-in-chief of every comic company…