Monday, August 30, 2010

Matt Kindt Noir Bar Interview Part 2 Final Part

Hi Matt,

This is the final half of the interview questions. Your timing was fine last time by the way.

1. Do you ever feel that your imagination runs wild to the point you want to act out the scene to an extent?

Mmm. Not really. Unless you count playing paintball once a year... ; ) I did learn how to fence in preparation for the few pages in Super Spy the reference fencing - it was great - I ended up watching a ton of pirate movies after that with sword fighting in them. Still not sure that's out of my system.

2. Is there anything you can say about your next upcoming book?

It's called "The Strange Crimes of Red Wheelbarrow" - similar structure to Super Spy but not quite as sprawling - set in the 1960s and it's basically my take on the crime genre - but I'm trying to focus on the less obvious crimes - no heists and no murders (well, hardly any of that)...

3. What is one television show that has continued to influence your work?

The Wire - it's changed how I think about serialized stories and how I think about the world - it's that good.

4. How much, on a scale of one to ten with ten being greatly, has your art style evolved?

10 - no one will ever see my early mini-comics - unless you bought them back in the early 90s - it's crazy how different (bad) they were.

5. Which legendary comic creator would you like to be compared with in terms of writing?

Well, hopefully none - I'd rather just be something like Joseph Heller of comics. ; )

Thank you again for your time,


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Man Disney once had some variety

I believe one of Disney's failings is the lack of variety in the programming department. One reason I believe this is because Disney's roots are based in cartoons, but they lack them in the evenings. I believe disney could make two great strides in reclaiming the animation field by producing more cartoons for the evenings, and making affordable cartoons in america while maintaining their overseas holdings.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Started drawing again god I suck

I suck at drawing heads and faces. Even though I can draw to an extent when I really try and have something to go off, I choke at faces and heads. I am trying with this action figure and random images. I am more of a writer than a penciller.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Childhood Inspiration

I will be buying action figures again for drawing reasons, because as a kid I would practice drawing my toys for fun. I really need the practice, just in case I can't get another artist to agree to work with me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Matt Kindt Noir Bar Interview Part 1

Hi Matt,

My name is Ben Hall, we met at the Delmar Bar & Lounge this past Wednesday. You said it was okay to interview you for my blog. I will be sending a second half with five ending interview questions after these five have been answered.

1. What is your worst memory related to a comic convention?

My arms covered with poison ivy for a 3-day con -- and wearing a sport coat over it so I wouldn't completely gross-out everyone that came up to my table -- it was hot and arms were crusty from puss. Horrible.
2. Best memory related to a comic convention?

My first San Diego Comic Con back in 2000 and signing/selling my first book.

3. How many comics did you create before working for Vertigo?

Probably 1,500 pages worth -- 6 graphic novels and a bunch of mini comics. And three new graphic novels due next year post-Vertigo.

4. If you could write any pre-established character from any medium, who would you chose and why?

Any of Jack Kirby's 4th World characters -- because they are all so crazy and there is so much untapped potential and ideas he wasn't allowed to get to. I have a specific storyline/character but I'm saving that in case I actually get to do it.

5. If you were a game either Chess or Checkers which would you be and why?

Chess -- it's the ultimate party game.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Expendables 1 and Many Critics 0

Any critic can be wrong, because a criticism is just an opinion. No matter how well informed an opinion is it's not a fact. The Expendables was billed as an action movie from the start. The thing is this movie has some depth in Mickey Rourke's monologue. Mild romance between Charisma Carpenter and Jason Statham, which is believable in it's minimalism. The only weak part is some of the resolution for the Gunnar character played by Dolph Lundgren. Now is it incredibly deep and have a message, no, but it does what it was set out to do. It is the best action film many of these stars and actors have been in years. In conclusion most critics are in love with art house films, while some just want to be entertained.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Love The First Green Lantern Picture of Kilowog

the above web address shows Green Lantern fans what to expect from the upcoming movie. I personally like the approach, but think Kilowog should have more of a pig's face. Looking forward even more to the upcoming movie.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hawkman Surprise

I was recently surprised by the fact that The Shadow War of Hawkman # 3 has no letters page. This is pleasant on the one hand and slightly annoying on the other. Pleasant because Mr. Tony Isabella got more thoughts written down. Annoying due to the missing replies that readers could have seen and talked about.

Original Marvel Cartoons From The Past

I recently searched for 1960s' Captain America Cartoons and found them on Check out the user RenaudMan for most of them. I agree with RenaudMan that these vintage cartoons should be re-released.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Comics Institute

The Institute for Comics Studies is something of interest to me. This is due to a former professor of mine Peter Coogan being associated with the Institute. I recently joined the Facebook group for it and have posted a few replies to some topics.

Short Story Copyright

I will be writing at least one short story that will lead to fictional blog updates relating to the main character's life. The fictional updates will be irreverent and hopefully funny. The short story will be copyrighted before the updates begin.

Future updates

Future updates will occur at least once a week. Most likely on Saturday or Sunday.

Matt Kindt and Tim Lane

Matt Kindt and Tim Lane are two fellow St. Louis citizens/comic creators whom I recently met. Both are very pleasant guys who have agreed to be interviewed by e-mail. The e-mail interviews will be posted with future blog updates.


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