Matt Kindt Noir Bar Interview Part 1

Hi Matt,

My name is Ben Hall, we met at the Delmar Bar & Lounge this past Wednesday. You said it was okay to interview you for my blog. I will be sending a second half with five ending interview questions after these five have been answered.

1. What is your worst memory related to a comic convention?

My arms covered with poison ivy for a 3-day con -- and wearing a sport coat over it so I wouldn't completely gross-out everyone that came up to my table -- it was hot and arms were crusty from puss. Horrible.
2. Best memory related to a comic convention?

My first San Diego Comic Con back in 2000 and signing/selling my first book.

3. How many comics did you create before working for Vertigo?

Probably 1,500 pages worth -- 6 graphic novels and a bunch of mini comics. And three new graphic novels due next year post-Vertigo.

4. If you could write any pre-established character from any medium, who would you chose and why?

Any of Jack Kirby's 4th World characters -- because they are all so crazy and there is so much untapped potential and ideas he wasn't allowed to get to. I have a specific storyline/character but I'm saving that in case I actually get to do it.

5. If you were a game either Chess or Checkers which would you be and why?

Chess -- it's the ultimate party game.


  1. Cool Interview! Looking forward to the next five questions.


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