Matt Kindt Noir Bar Interview Part 2 Final Part

Hi Matt,

This is the final half of the interview questions. Your timing was fine last time by the way.

1. Do you ever feel that your imagination runs wild to the point you want to act out the scene to an extent?

Mmm. Not really. Unless you count playing paintball once a year... ; ) I did learn how to fence in preparation for the few pages in Super Spy the reference fencing - it was great - I ended up watching a ton of pirate movies after that with sword fighting in them. Still not sure that's out of my system.

2. Is there anything you can say about your next upcoming book?

It's called "The Strange Crimes of Red Wheelbarrow" - similar structure to Super Spy but not quite as sprawling - set in the 1960s and it's basically my take on the crime genre - but I'm trying to focus on the less obvious crimes - no heists and no murders (well, hardly any of that)...

3. What is one television show that has continued to influence your work?

The Wire - it's changed how I think about serialized stories and how I think about the world - it's that good.

4. How much, on a scale of one to ten with ten being greatly, has your art style evolved?

10 - no one will ever see my early mini-comics - unless you bought them back in the early 90s - it's crazy how different (bad) they were.

5. Which legendary comic creator would you like to be compared with in terms of writing?

Well, hopefully none - I'd rather just be something like Joseph Heller of comics. ; )

Thank you again for your time,



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