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The Turner Question

I got to ask Kathleen Turner a question during an award ceremony at the Hi-Pointe. The question involved high jinks on the set of The War Of The Roses. Kathleen Turner replied with information such as Danny DeVito giving her a tray that had the word Woof on it. The car that Kathleen drove for the "monster truck" portion of the movie had the hydraulics breakdown, and for six hours she was stuck in that car. Ms. Turner is a class act in my opinion.

Marvel Update Change

I was going to talk about Marvel's reaction to DC's price decrease, but bigger news happened. Disney bought back distribution rights for the Marvel films Paramount had. I guess this means we might see more Disney related movie trailers and the disney logo before these specific movies. Time will always tell.

DC price decrease

Finally a company that is looking at the times we live in and playing it smart. DC has recently decided to lower their prices back to 2.99 starting in January. This will hopefully help the comic industry retail-wise as well as the economy. I say the economy due to how money flows upwards in the finance world. Next Update will be my thoughts on Marvel's reaction.

Doctor Give Me The News

If tomorrow my Doctor's appointment ends up correcting my medication, then I may go back on what I said about collecting. Though my comichall business on eBay needs to pick up either way.