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Barry Allen's Cast of Characters

Upon rereading the first appearance of Colonel Computron, I noticed that Barry Allen had more friends then have been shown. What I mean is what happened to Mack & Troy Nathan from the Cary Bates era. Barry has met so many people in terms of his neighbors that this could be what truly separates him from Wally West. I mean think about it, Wally has mainly super buddies, while Barry had regular and super. I personally would like to see more of Barry Allen's old cast members and Flashpoint or afterwards might be the time to reintroduce them. I also wouldn't mind seeing the Tornado Twins, John Fox, Cobalt Blue and the rest of the Flash/Thawne legacy again. Heaps of food for thought.

Tom Ziuko Needs Donations To Pay For Medical

Artist Alan Kupperberg is collecting donations to give to uninsured colorist Tom Ziuko. Tom Ziuko is being treated for acute kidney problems. If you wish to donate, (I just did), send money to the Paypal e-mail account at the top of this post. The below links will explain more.