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E-mails and Relationships

Since e-mailing & social networks are big things in this century, I pose these questions:

Question one, how many messages per day, week, or whatever are too many?

Question two, What would an early silver age relationship like Barry Allen and Iris West be like with e-mails? (Note in the silver age of comics Iris was a shrew of shakespearean proportions.)

My Reasoning for a vote on a poll

I recently voted on a poll on that has the Fantastic Four Lee/Kirby issues vs. the Spider-Man Lee/Ditko issues.

This was the reasoning I posted on their site after voting:

I have to say based on the origins, among other reasons, I had to vote for Fantastic Four. I mean Spider-Man was okay back then, but If you dissect his origin it's not good. I mean no safeguards are in place for the experiment that radiated the spider. No scientist has concern about Parker's safety, let alone their own. The Fantastic Four at least thought about consequences to radiation exposure.