ABC and Gas Prices

You know the economy is screwed up still when shows like All My Children are cancelled without fanfare. I mean ABC/Disney not trying to figure out some way to save soap operas, and gas prices being blown up, the economy is still messed up. Of course partly I think the current heads of ABC programming are either crazy, or on drugs, due to giving the axe to two forty year something soap operas. Staples of American pop culture such as One Life to Live and All My Children have endured longer than these programmers have probably held their current jobs.

Gas Prices on the other hand should not be jumping as fast as they have been. I mean please, oil companies & warmongers are just trying to capitalize on the global and social problems we face. We need to peacefully protest this treatment of our wallets and livelihoods. This is especially true because the average person can't afford the pain that comes from the pump. We also need cleaner energy sources so another oil spill or nuclear meltdown won't happen. Once we have cleaner energy we can phase out the old "dirty" energy.


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