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Jumping ship on a job or The DC 52 Drop

J.T. Krul and some others are dropping their new DC titles for various reasons. Now while I won't talk about the titles or creators specifically, I will say that it is never a good idea to drop a job just after a short time. While no job is ever easy, I believe that in this economy one should stick with guaranteed work for long enough, at least, that a positive reference is acquired.

Now as for the New DC, this kind of sudden leaving could strike a blow against the positive marketing and mindset that they are trying to create. For example newer, or returning readers could be turned off by the writing team replacing Krul on Green Arrow. Of course the opposite could prove just as true. We will know within the next several months which titles will succeed and which floundered.

My Dad's Opinion About The New Men Of War # 1

A bit of background about my dad: He grew up reading Sgt. Rock comics among others such as Thor. He stopped reading comics quite awhile before I was born. Now I recently gave my dad Men of War # 1 as an experiment to see what his opinions were of Sgt. Frank Rock's grandson Joe. My dad felt the Joe Rock story should have had flashback references to the original Sgt. Rock. His opinion was that it felt like a one-off type comic.

Before Joe Rock ever saw ink to page as a character, my dad and I had talked about pitching a grandson to Sgt. Rock to DC at some point. The title, as thought out by my dad and I, would have explored the Rock's family tree and the current wars in the Middle East.

Tears from a Who Episode

I almost cried due to the latest doctor who episode "The Girl Who Waited", because of the ending. I also found myself wondering after watching this episode if the doctor's Past or Future actions/lies are the reasons for the War? The War being with the baddies who stole and brainwashed/programmed Melody Pond. Again this is just my thoughts and theories on Doctor Who Season 6.