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A Gingerly Done interview about Alexia Anastasio's Film Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives Of Redheads

Below is a interview with indie filmmaker and professional artist Alexia Anastasio.

1. Alexia can you please give a brief explanation about Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives Of Redheads and why you decided to create this film.

Ginger Girls is a documentary project about girls with natural red hair. I am interviewing girls for the documentary, photographing them for a book and working with them on various collaborative levels. Tonight we are having a fashion show in NYC.

I decided to make this film because it is more personal to me and I wanted to work with other talented, successful redheads and empower the term, Ginger Girl.

2. If you weren’t a redhead yourself would you have still have made this film?

Maybe not, but I have heard of other photographers that have been interested in Gingers who were not ginger themselves.

3. What is one myth that you proved a falsehood?

That Gingers are firecrackers. They are all different. I believe there are many stereotypes about redheads that are false…

The Game of Belief System Fighting or Stop Pissing on Others Lawn and give Peace A Chance

An interesting thing about religion as a concept is that anyone can believe in anything, from a worm to my forehead to nothing at all. Yet still we bicker and fight like children as if anyone has more knowledge, proof and/or rights than the next person. I mean we could have more peaceful and stable global cultures if we stopped constantly pissing on each other's lawns regarding which organized (and unorganized) belief system is right. I for one refuse to play this tired game.

belief quote

I believe that man at his most basic will always beat down intelligent forward thinking men, due to fear of the unknown.-Ben Hall