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Fantastic Four Season One The Graphic Novel

I have a serious problem with the lack of proper research done on the subject of the Autism Spectrum by the Writer and the Editorial Staff of this graphic novel. By having Reed Richards say that he believes he is mildly autistic is okay, but to have him say he is working on a "cure" is insulting. It is insulting not just the supposed intelligence of the fictional genius character but it insults me and anyone else on the Spectrum. Autism is not a disease and does not need a "cure". Sure people with Autism need therapy and possibly some medication, but that is only because our brains are wired differently. Obviously I was taken out of the story by this stupid, uneducated bit of writing. Mainly because anyone saying Autism needs a "cure" is like saying any type of skin pigmentation needs a "cure", just wrong. Try and continue to learn people.