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Update on Kickstarter Graphic Textbook Project ending on May 17

The Graphic Textbook project will be funded by Kickstarter. Those individuals who would still like an awesome prize without the worry early donors went through, can still pledge an amount and receive one of the great prizes. You also share in the knowledge that you supported a children's educational cause.

Kickstarter Graphic Textbook Project less then 6 days left There are still a few editor portfolio or script reviews available as prizes in the $75 range. A lot of other great prizes are still left for anyone who is willing to back this project. Less then 6 days are left though.

Same-Sex Marriage Opinion From A Monetary Standpoint

I think of the Same-Sex Marriage concept partly in terms of the jobs and money it could generate for countries, thus making it a good idea to allow all consenting adults to use the word and concept. If you don't believe gay weddings could generate money, just think about how much straight weddings have cost money-wise in the past. Not to mention we might see a change in the divorce rate statistics if Same-Sex marriages are allowed in this country in every state.

My thoughts on Avengers

The Academy Awards people need to realize that comic book based movies should not be snubbed! Case in point The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn was last Oscar season's best comic based movie when it came to adaptation but it was snubbed in the categories. If Avengers doesn't get a best movie nomination then I want 12 reasons why it didn't. The movie has done well overseas, the script was smartly written, and the music was great at building up the right kinds of emotions. These are just three reasons to give it an Oscar nomination and I could give more.

X-O Manowar issue 1 Mini-Review of the 2012 series

Valiant definitely has me anticipating their books after reading X-O Manowar # 1, which is in stores and on comixology now. The art by Cary Nord is top quality and worth half the cover price of 3.99. The breathtaking detail in the opening action scenes, featuring legions of Visgoths and Roman soldiers, is always in proportion. As for the writing I feel it is intelligent and from what little I know about the Visgoths and the ancient Roman empire is historically accurate. Well at least until the Aliens start to appear and begin snatching people up. This is a first issue people should check-out as soon as possible versus later in life.

Kickstarter Graphic Textbook Project with 13 Days Left

Great prizes are available such as having professional Editor Reviews for comic artists and writers who are trying to get noticed by the pros. This book project is meant to help young children learning how to read and learn to enjoy reading.