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Harbinger # 1 2012 Mini-Review

While I found the art and coloring to be exceptional for this part of the Valiant comics relaunch, I felt the congestion of thought balloons was overdone to an extent. What I mean by this is that while I understood what was happening and why, I could see how other comic readers may have trouble grasping why the crowd's thoughts were displayed. This re-imagining/re-telling of the Harbinger origin was done in a similar way to the early stages of the original volume/title. The most interesting thing, in my opinion, wasn't that they kept the disturbing idea of the main character being a rapist, but that they displayed more plot threads in one issue then the original title did. For example The Harada character's brief glimpse of an origin featuring the Bleeding-Eyes monk, and the monk's comment about how winds become storms is on the nose at predicting Harada's future as a global manipulator is just one plot thread. I would say this title isn't for beginners to …

Beginnings And Ends Do Not Exist

It just occurred to me that from a philosophical viewpoint one could say that comics are most frequently reinventing the details or middle of the story. What I mean by this is that a story exists mainly as a point(s) in time within any respective universe(s), but we can never truly say that the beginning or ending is ever truly explored.

   Take any Kryptons' origin or The Universe that is said to have existed before the Marvel 616 reality. If you think about these beginnings then you will notice that we always start after a sequence events have already happened for Baby Kal-El or Galactus. Due to reboots, resurrections, and so on we never truly see an end to character growth. Its as if humanity's fear of the unknown and limitations prevent us from learning the beginnings and considering the possible actual end of a universe, fictional or otherwise.

    Even ancient stories featuring Norse, Egyptian, or Judeo-Christian deities are not immune to man's apparent fear of…