Harbinger # 1 2012 Mini-Review

While I found the art and coloring to be exceptional for this part of the Valiant comics relaunch, I felt the congestion of thought balloons was overdone to an extent. What I mean by this is that while I understood what was happening and why, I could see how other comic readers may have trouble grasping why the crowd's thoughts were displayed. This re-imagining/re-telling of the Harbinger origin was done in a similar way to the early stages of the original volume/title. The most interesting thing, in my opinion, wasn't that they kept the disturbing idea of the main character being a rapist, but that they displayed more plot threads in one issue then the original title did. For example The Harada character's brief glimpse of an origin featuring the Bleeding-Eyes monk, and the monk's comment about how winds become storms is on the nose at predicting Harada's future as a global manipulator is just one plot thread. I would say this title isn't for beginners to the comic book scene but is worth picking up.


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