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Keeping the World Strange Book Review

Keeping The World Strange is a book of essays by Sequart Research & Literacy Organization. This book is an intriguing guide to the comic book series Planetary by Warren Ellis & John Cassaday, with something to stimulate any scholar’s mind.

The beginning essay by Cody Walker provides a simple personal and somewhat autobiographical introduction for the book. This essay gives some reasons why the book was created. The best essay from this comic scholar’s perspective is The Man Who Knows The Game by A. David Lewis. This essay explores the Planetary series through Gamestory theory, and is one of the most footnoted essays in the book.

A weakness is the typos in the early editions of this book. Another weakness is that, in my opinion, Kevin Thurman wrote the weakest essay, mainly due to his constant repeating of the same thoughts but with different words, which makes for a poor opening for Keeping The World Strange.

Overall I would sincerely recommend reading this book if yo…

Late Mini-Review of Bloodshot # 1 2012

Bloodshot # 1 is definitely a comic I plan on sticking with for the following reasons: Great Art, Brutal Violence, Talk of Nano-Technology, and a good mystery. The questions of what bloodshot is and whether he has a real past are why I will be coming back for more of this comic. The original version of Bloodshot never really interested me mainly due to the art that limited the past incarnation of Valiant. I also was rarely able to go to comic stores which were my only way of getting most non-dc and marvel comics back in the nineteen nineties. If I had to give a non-comics fan a first issue containing thriller, suspense or war themes this would be one of the top five possible choices.