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Lies and Bullying or A Vote for Koch

The Koch Brothers (billionaires) who endorse the "Republican" Candidates are the real kind of scum that you are actually putting into office if you vote for Romney (the bigoted bully) and Ryan (who lied to the American people last night) or Todd Akin (who says rape can be okay at times.)

If you don't believe me than just do the research from every angle. Take for example that all news sources are biased, because they are run by humans, but that if you know how to look at all sources you can easily find the truth.

Another thing is that Republicans don't exist in political office anymore because the "Tea Party" has taken over the Republican party. The thing is the original Tea Party, which was a grassroots organization, was taken over by billionaires and extremist "christian" groups. Note that a religion is used as a cover to protect theses extremists.

Again do the research and you can find the truth.

Obama might not be the best choice, but I would …

Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen Book Review

This book review is on Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen which the Sequart Research & Literacy Organization published.

Richard Bensam's introduction for Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen provides a good summary of what the main point of having 12 different essays is about. He is able to do this by pointing out that no single character is truly the lead.

A good thing about How The Ghost of You Clings: Watchmen and Music by Mary Borsellino is the musical education her essay, provides along with a critique of how it affects Watchmen. I don't always fully get the musical references but I understand her points.

Blotting Out Reality Questioning Rorschach by Gene Phillips is educational in the fact that it focuses in on pretty much all the main possibilities of the same basic character ideas that is explored by both Alan Moore and Steve Ditko. Though radically different as the essayist essentially points out. I have an interest in the Question, which…

Difference of Opinion Rant

Different religions sometimes have different versions of the same deity. Just as gunowners have different varieties of the same types of gun and car owners have different types of the same car. At least the rich ones do. It seems to me that most people would go nuts if they didn't have a little variety in life and yet still we live in a monoculture. Bloody sickening at times I mean I'm no saint regarding this problem but at least I admit it is a problem and I'm part of it. Though my problem is usually I like to eat different types of flavors of food. Back to deities though I don't understand why it is we have Greek and Roman deities that are the same yet with different names. (yeah I know the Romans supposedly borrowed or stole from the Greeks.) But for instance a baby Jesus and a grown-up Jesus shouldn't that just be Jesus and a black one at that or at least one that looks like he's from the middle east because no one unless they lived in a very sun depr…

Not an endorsement or paid ad but about as useful

Writing is a tough thing to do it is a skill set that requires much dedication to learn. However using this Dragon dictation app I found for free on iTunes I believe I can type faster without having to type and thus you are all in trouble because the restraints have been lifted from my dysgraphia barred writing style. When using a regular computer and keyboard is tripping you up try something else. It can be pencil and paper, a typewriter (god I feel old saying that), just try something to get you over the hurdles you face as a writer. Finally plagiarism is in my opinion as bad as cheating on one's significant other. So remember kids dishonesty leads to a smack upside the head by reality, but honesty leads to creative rewards.

Archer And Armstrong First Issue Mini-Review

The last of the four beginning titles of the revitalization of Valiant is amazing in it's use of social topics to help provide serious, yet comedic, story elements. For example having the villains of the the first issue turn out to be part of the "One Percent" is an interesting draw for political junkies. Though personally I just found it to be neat and funny. I feel the great art and story-telling in Archer and Armstrong, as well as the other titles, if continued will lead Valiant back up the top comic publishers' ladder. If you want to know more about Valiant's titles Buy or Borrow and then read a copy of each of the titles.