Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen Book Review

This book review is on Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen which the Sequart Research & Literacy Organization published.

Richard Bensam's introduction for Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen provides a good summary of what the main point of having 12 different essays is about. He is able to do this by pointing out that no single character is truly the lead.

A good thing about How The Ghost of You Clings: Watchmen and Music by Mary Borsellino is the musical education her essay, provides along with a critique of how it affects Watchmen. I don't always fully get the musical references but I understand her points.

Blotting Out Reality Questioning Rorschach by Gene Phillips is educational in the fact that it focuses in on pretty much all the main possibilities of the same basic character ideas that is explored by both Alan Moore and Steve Ditko. Though radically different as the essayist essentially points out. I have an interest in the Question, which is basically the same character as Rorschach, and I love when the two are studied or compared.

About William Ritchie's essay, I have to say that he while meanders, he also provides plenty of good points for why the philosophy of science can be looked at through the lens of Watchmen. One of which is the Intrinsic Field Subtractor and how that is not the most realistic of scientific ideas within the work known as Watchmen.

The unexpected, but still interesting, essay on Capt. Metropolis proved very insightful regarding role playing games and was nicely written by Timothy Callahan. Though I still wish someone had done one focusing on the Silk Spectre.

Patrick Meaney's essay on watching cinema while not being all I had hoped regarding critically slamming Zack Snyder's horror show known as Watchmen the movie did however provide many satisfying slams against the movie.

Everyone else from Chad Nevett to Julian Darius wrote remarkably well on the subject of Watchmen, except for Peter Sanderson who felt a too long-winded (and off-track,) towards the end of his essay but still had merit and probably should have been separated into his own book on the subject.

Though this is not a complete list of authors who worked on the book like the subject itself this could require more than one post or in the case of the book more than one book.

I feel however this book should not be used in a regular opening college course this can however be used in a higher-level college course. A sequel should also be planned out for this book to cover more of the possible subjects the Watchmen graphic novel could produce.

You can buy the book on Createspace or Amazon. There is even a kindle edition for 3.99 dollars. The cover is pictured below:


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