Difference of Opinion Rant

Different religions sometimes have different versions of the same deity. Just as gunowners have different varieties of the same types of gun and car owners have different types of the same car. At least the rich ones do. It seems to me that most people would go nuts if they didn't have a little variety in life and yet still we live in a monoculture. Bloody sickening at times I mean I'm no saint regarding this problem but at least I admit it is a problem and I'm part of it. Though my problem is usually I like to eat different types of flavors of food. Back to deities though I don't understand why it is we have Greek and Roman deities that are the same yet with different names. (yeah I know the Romans supposedly borrowed or stole from the Greeks.) But for instance a baby Jesus and a grown-up Jesus shouldn't that just be Jesus and a black one at that or at least one that looks like he's from the middle east because no one unless they lived in a very sun deprived location would've been a pale Jewish guy especially back in the days before people knew how to read for the most part. Which probably helped many a religion get founded by the way but that's just my opinion. Though this part is not Jesus was at least from the middle east so he should look Middle Eastern. Another part that is not opinion is that politician Mitt Romney doesn't seem to know whether he wants to be president or vice president and also doesn't want us to know certain certain things about his past such as his taxes. If the extreme conservatives can do a birther movement, then why can't certain liberals organize a taxer movement on Romney.


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