Lies and Bullying or A Vote for Koch

The Koch Brothers (billionaires) who endorse the "Republican" Candidates are the real kind of scum that you are actually putting into office if you vote for Romney (the bigoted bully) and Ryan (who lied to the American people last night) or Todd Akin (who says rape can be okay at times.)

If you don't believe me than just do the research from every angle. Take for example that all news sources are biased, because they are run by humans, but that if you know how to look at all sources you can easily find the truth.

Another thing is that Republicans don't exist in political office anymore because the "Tea Party" has taken over the Republican party. The thing is the original Tea Party, which was a grassroots organization, was taken over by billionaires and extremist "christian" groups. Note that a religion is used as a cover to protect theses extremists.

Again do the research and you can find the truth.

Obama might not be the best choice, but I would prefer him versus Bullies, Bigots, Rapists, Outright Liars or Scum like the Koch Brothers running this country for any length of time.

Research everything and think about whether you want a puppet presidential administration that is run by the Koch brothers and their associates.


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