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Frank Miller Is A Modern Steve Ditko Type Storyteller

Okay this may seem nuts but it recently occurred to me that Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-Man and creator of the characters The Question and Mr. A, tells stories the same way as Frank Miller. Though as different as night and day artistically, both Miller and Ditko have similar political themes in each of their major comic works.

   Take Charlton's The Question stories which are basic conservative moral tales, then look at The Dark Knight Returns which is itself an early political indicator of where Miller would take his future comics work.

    Another comparison involves Mr. A, an Ayn Rand inspired character and possibly the most ultra-conservative of Ditko's creations. Holy Terror the Frank Miller ultra-conservative (not to mention bigoted) answer to the "War on Terror", just happens to be the most similar to the Mr. A stories.

   While this is just mainly my opinion, maybe someone will see this and expand on this in more detailed depth with cited references …

Stop The Cycle Of War or How To Protect The Future

This is not about Barack Obama, or Mitt Romney, or the many dead Muslims, not even those people killed by the protests because of the recent video outrage. However this is about everyone. In these times of violent madness we all need to stop the fighting for at least one day. Think in that time about the wars of the past and what little gets accomplished other than children and loved ones dying. Horrific acts are perpetrated in the name of religious groups or government fear-mongering. Isn't it time we all said no to violence?

Peace can be scary but it is possible to say no to war. No can be and should be said to greed, fear, hate, and war. At least for one day.

I don't care if you read this and think this is some American spouting off in fear. You are right for thinking that, but wrong in the reasons why I am afraid. I am afraid to even consider bringing a child into this world that has become so hate-filled and violent. I look at where we are heading and I can honestly say t…

Comic creator interviews and a how to

I have asked two creators for e-mail interviews. Now while I won't say at the moment who they are I will say that the questions will be of the types I gave to Matt Kindt in my two parter with him.

The how to part of this post is part big no-nos when trying to get a blog interview. Never give a rundown of the person's work history when asking for the interview. Don't act like a fan treat them like a person. Accept that you will have to be pencilled into their schedule when asking for a none red carpet like interview. Always be polite.

Before the interview create questions that can keep things interesting, but don't start savaging them. (Unless they are lying to you and the public and you have proof, savaging is not the smart or right thing to do.) Savaging is my term for asking hard questions that are intended to put a liar in an uncomfortable position.

Thank your guest for their time afterwards, unless they required savaging.

Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts Documentary Out Now

Just thought I would tell fans of Warren Ellis, Comic Creators, Sequart Research & Literacy Organization or Documentaries, that this movie is out now.

I bought a copy off itunes for 9.99 in standard edition and I also posted as redsheen the first itunes review of the film.

If you saw and liked Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods, but wanted more celebrities and cussing then this movie is for you. Personally I think both are distinctive and excellent documentary films but that Captured Ghosts is a bit slower towards the end. Though Talking with Gods regular edition is slow in the beginning with parts being zen psychotropic. So you should bring a snack and just watch it while you have plenty of energy.

The Celebrities for Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts include Helen Mirren, Wil Wheaton, Joss Whedon, Adult Film Star Stoya, Coheed and Cambria's Claudio Sanchez and others.

The Sequart Research & Literacy Organization is always doing cool projects so take an hour and check them ou…