Comic creator interviews and a how to

I have asked two creators for e-mail interviews. Now while I won't say at the moment who they are I will say that the questions will be of the types I gave to Matt Kindt in my two parter with him.

The how to part of this post is part big no-nos when trying to get a blog interview. Never give a rundown of the person's work history when asking for the interview. Don't act like a fan treat them like a person. Accept that you will have to be pencilled into their schedule when asking for a none red carpet like interview. Always be polite.

Before the interview create questions that can keep things interesting, but don't start savaging them. (Unless they are lying to you and the public and you have proof, savaging is not the smart or right thing to do.) Savaging is my term for asking hard questions that are intended to put a liar in an uncomfortable position.

Thank your guest for their time afterwards, unless they required savaging.


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