Frank Miller Is A Modern Steve Ditko Type Storyteller

  Okay this may seem nuts but it recently occurred to me that Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-Man and creator of the characters The Question and Mr. A, tells stories the same way as Frank Miller. Though as different as night and day artistically, both Miller and Ditko have similar political themes in each of their major comic works.

   Take Charlton's The Question stories which are basic conservative moral tales, then look at The Dark Knight Returns which is itself an early political indicator of where Miller would take his future comics work.

    Another comparison involves Mr. A, an Ayn Rand inspired character and possibly the most ultra-conservative of Ditko's creations. Holy Terror the Frank Miller ultra-conservative (not to mention bigoted) answer to the "War on Terror", just happens to be the most similar to the Mr. A stories.

   While this is just mainly my opinion, maybe someone will see this and expand on this in more detailed depth with cited references used.


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