Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts Documentary Out Now

Just thought I would tell fans of Warren Ellis, Comic Creators, Sequart Research & Literacy Organization or Documentaries, that this movie is out now.

I bought a copy off itunes for 9.99 in standard edition and I also posted as redsheen the first itunes review of the film.

If you saw and liked Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods, but wanted more celebrities and cussing then this movie is for you. Personally I think both are distinctive and excellent documentary films but that Captured Ghosts is a bit slower towards the end. Though Talking with Gods regular edition is slow in the beginning with parts being zen psychotropic. So you should bring a snack and just watch it while you have plenty of energy.

The Celebrities for Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts include Helen Mirren, Wil Wheaton, Joss Whedon, Adult Film Star Stoya, Coheed and Cambria's Claudio Sanchez and others.

The Sequart Research & Literacy Organization is always doing cool projects so take an hour and check them out.

There is the cover image for Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts:


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