Adventures In Plymptoons Mini-Review

The documentary movie "Adventures In Plymptoons" is amazing at combining humor, information, and just the right amount of talking heads. Conceived, produced, and directed by Alexia Anastasio, Plymptoons features various celebrities such as Terry Gilliam & "Weird Al" Yankovic talking about the work of Bill Plympton. Plympton's Hometown of Portland Oregon is even discussed in just enough depth so as to not weigh the pace of the film down. As for humor you have adult jokes both in the animation work done by Plympton and the humorous stories told by Bill's friends and relatives.

For those interested in the movie it can be found on or Hulu. It is worth the dvd cost just to see the special feature The Toonist-A bet between Bill and Gus Van Saint. The movie itself is worth seeing both for glimpses of Plympton's work and a good laugh.

Link for the Amazon DVD is first, followed by Amazon Video and finally the Hulu Link:


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