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Optimism Where Art Thou

Optimism seems to have vanished in most critically acclaimed media, as well as real life. Why this is could be due to realizing that instead of a Jetsons' future we allowed ourselves to become complacent. What I mean by this is we allowed everyday problems to get in the way of accepting/encouraging new ideas.

I say let's build new possible futures while fixing current problems such as the rich getting richer and the poor getting zip. Let's build our way out of the muck of everyday existence and achieve our potential as a species.

Con Season A Great Kickstarter

If you ever wondered about Comic Conventions in any form then this series that is attempted to be funded through Kickstarter is something you should support. It has great prizes such as an exhibitor badge entrance to the San Diego Comic Convention where you can hang with the creators of the series. The creators are Blind Ferret, who also do the web comics The Gutters, Least I Could Do, and Looking For Group.

Check out the above video for their pitch.