Comic book editor errors why aren't they fixed

       I have read many comics over the course of my life and I still can't figure out why errors remain in collected editions of comics. Take any comic company, year, and most characters, and you will see that errors at some point. Most often it is an extra copy of a word. The most recent and one of the most error-filled comics in single issue form is The Shadow volume 1, # 8 first printing from Dynamite Entertainment. The art by Aaron Campbell and coloring by Carlos Lopez are both great. However Victor Gischler, or Rob Steen, or Joe Rybandt failed at making sure typos were removed before the book went to print. 

       DC, Marvel, and everyone else can make and at times do make mistakes, but like other forms of publishing if a manufactured item has an error you fix it with subsequent editions. This has not been done well or nearly often enough in the comic book industry and is something editors need to be focusing on.  


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