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Wizard World St. Louis and My Opinions

I must say I was a little surprised that most of the advertising for Wizard World St. Louis was, for the most part, a last minute blitz of ads. I have to wonder what the degree of communication for marketing to advertising was and if this was done on purpose.

In regards to the attendance it was a little light on sunday due to the rain and snow but overall a healthy enough turnout. The amount of people was so good that a second Wizard World St. Louis is planned for next year. I am looking forward to future versions of this convention.

The Walking Dead WWSTL convention exclusive was pretty much stolen by several retailers offering 5 to 20 dollars for something people could turn around and sell for more on online.

Jerry's Journal Comic Review

The indie comic Jerry's Journal is a humorous comic in the vein of the creepier moments of classic Looney Tunes. However it mainly taps into the sense of dark comedy done in the early felix the cat cartoons, specifically the ones where Felix killed himself. This is not to say that the book is terribly morose because the cartoonish and seemingly simple art keeps this from ever happening. 
     Neil Fitzpatrick, the creator of Jerry's Journal, told me before I read this comic that "it has an edge" and he is right. The reason is the simple psychological examination of life in the writing which is tempered by the how the strips look. A straightforward page design also helps with the tempering.
I recommend this artist, and his website where you can look find more of his work is

Wizard World St. Louis and Reminders

First the reminder that Jiba Anderson's Comic is still in need of more crowdfunding in it's second attempt. So even a small donation would be appreciated.

Second I have almost finished attending the first Wizard World for St. Louis, MO. I will be posting a couple of things about the convention this year over the next several days and weeks. Some topics definitely included will be:

C4 a comic creator coffee club based in St. Louis.

A comic community documentary film I found out about and may be interviewed for.

Jai Nitz, John Shea, & Dean Cain panel.

How the Comic Geeks web series premiere panel went. Quick note this is happening today, the 24th of March, which is also Snow Storm Day. Though as of this writing no snow as far as I can see.

My thoughts on attendance, advertising and the Walking Dead comic exclusive to the St. Louis convention.

Outworld Return of the Master Teachers

This link is for the Outworld Return of the Master Teachers Independent Comic currently attempting to get crowd funded on Indiegogo. It boasts a cast of a different ethnic background than the typical sci-fi stories we often see in comics. Please consider donating at least five dollars to the comic. Indiegogo accepts Paypal & Credit Cards payments.

Ghostbusters Staypuft Marshmellow Man Aftermath

It just occurred to me that a great moment for the Ghostbusters would have been if we saw Ray get cussed out for the Staypuft Marshellow Man manifestation during the credits of the film.