Wizard World St. Louis and Reminders

First the reminder that Jiba Anderson's Comic is still in need of more crowdfunding in it's second attempt. So even a small donation would be appreciated.

Second I have almost finished attending the first Wizard World for St. Louis, MO. I will be posting a couple of things about the convention this year over the next several days and weeks. Some topics definitely included will be:

C4 a comic creator coffee club based in St. Louis.

A comic community documentary film I found out about and may be interviewed for.

Jai Nitz, John Shea, & Dean Cain panel.

How the Comic Geeks web series premiere panel went. Quick note this is happening today, the 24th of March, which is also Snow Storm Day. Though as of this writing no snow as far as I can see.

My thoughts on attendance, advertising and the Walking Dead comic exclusive to the St. Louis convention.


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