Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brief Rant about Kids Comics

     Let's face it we need more comics like Adventure Time, Sonic The Hedgehog, or something along the lines of a new Classics Illustrated to be available to kids. These comics also have to be accessible either digitally or in print, but preferably digitally for kids to read. Schools also need to allow these kid friendly comics to be provided as an option for any reading lists elementary kids do for rewards like pizza.

    Why do I think this is important well look at test scores and literacy rates. Not to mention that every child learns differently and for some comics are an answer. There is also the factors of promoting art, art appreciation, a love of reading, and a stronger vocabulary in children's lives and minds.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Last of the First Wizard World Saint Louis Series Of Posts

This is just going to be brief bullet point opinions about the John Shea And Dean Cain Panel:

Jai Nitz needs to in the future ask shorter questions.

John Shea is a great storyteller when describing past events.

Dean Cain is not as memorable in his storytelling, but one can now use video reminders of panels to remember what he said.

As a whole it was a great panel.

Also this past wednesday I was filmed by Joshua Coppenbarger for a documentary he is doing the on St. Louis comic community. Hopefully I will make it past the editing process.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Neiljam comics creator Neil Fitzpatrick Interview

This interview was conducted via e-mail with Neil Fitzpatrick the creator of Neiljam comics. The answer are after each question.

Q) When did you decide you wanted to be a comic creator?

I don't think there was a light switch moment when I suddenly "knew."  I got a lot of inspiration when I attended my fist couple of comic conventions while in high school.  I picked up a lot of great self published comics that to me were as good, if not better, than anything I'd ever read by the "big" publishers.  I suppose not long after that I came up with the basic foundation of what would ultimately become the comics universe I've been fiddling with ever since.

Q) For those out there considering making their first comic what advice would you give them?

Just do it!  Your first endeavor may not turn out as great as you hoped, but you'll learn a lot as you go and will only improve as you move forward.  Also, you have to be open to criticism-- Not only for the sake of improving, but because it will always be there.  So you might as well get used to it.

Q) Any thoughts on digital versus print in regards to getting recognition for independent comics?

Generally speaking, I think the line between print and digital is getting more and more blurred. Personally, I am of the mind to do it all.  I put stuff up online with the intent of repurposing it into books.  I suppose each creator has to find his or her own ideal path.

Q) Do you think media stereotypes regarding a lack of female comic fans affect how women creators view male creator? (A simple yes or no will do for an answer here.)

That is a rather complicated questions.  So instead of a yes or no, I think I will opt for "I have no idea."

Q) If you were to have an action figure or board game based on one of your characters, whom would you prefer?

Well, I think Jerry, my all encompassing bird character, would work best for a board game.  He can take on any role, which I think would serve him well in having an entire board game based around him.  As for an action figure, I'm not so sure a diminutive little bird like Jerry would work for that.  I think I'd opt for Me as an action figure.  I am now a character in my comics universe, and feel like I have what it takes to make for a good action figure.  I ooze action!


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