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Comic Geeks Kickstarter Project 15 Days Left

This web series kickstarter could use your donations. Also while I am a recurring actor in the show I will not be getting any of the funds they need. So please tweet, blog, or share this kickstarter with others.

An Interview With Cos-player Cara Nicole/AZ Powergirl

I met Ms. Nicole at C2-E2 this year and she was kind enough to agree to this interview. If you want to learn more about her after reading this check out her site at or She is also on and

1.Do you think cos-play should be considered a form of acting?
It could be. Some people just want to wear the costume while others want to embody the character. It really depends on the intention behind the cosplay.
2.What companies have you done promotion work for?
Pop Culture Experience, Marvel Comics, Bianca Thompson, Crucidel Productions, 183 Degree Studio (before I became part owner),Funco Mania, Big City Comics, Vigilante Project, Radiobox, I’m on the cover of some books for author Michael Bradley, Many,many conventions including Rapture Horror Expo which I helped run, I’ve done media work for Geek News Network, Geeksociated Press, and WGTR. That’s all I can think of right now. There is always more. Oh y…

Twitter Option

If you want to see my interests and thoughts I now have a twitter account @rippersspot though I will keep updating this blog in my irregular way.