Friday, June 28, 2013

Why in my opinion Spider-Man shouldn't work part 2

Just Wrong

Spider-Man has at various times been turned into a Were-Spider of one kind or another. This is just wrong in the sense that it removes him, somewhat, from the Super-Hero role and transplants him into the role of monster. This also would classify as a mutant based on our world's definition of the term.

Needs A Major Retcon Anyway

The Clones! I mean really how many times has cloning and clones been brought up. Take all the times Gwen Stacy has been brought back only to be revealed as a clone. Plus the mere mention of clones has been ruined for the pages of Spider-Man by the infamous Clone Saga.

This is currently all I have to say at the moment regarding this rant/opinion topic.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Why in my opinion Spider-man shouldn't work Part one


  Spider-man as a character shouldn't work for various reasons. For instance the web-shooters if artificial are really expensive to maintain and have failed to work at times. Speaking of working if spider-man is supposed to be a genius at science why doesn't he go to Reed Richards for a job or at least a reference. With said new job Peter Parker could make at least enough money to justify him being based in New York.

As mentioned above Parker is a genius so why has he never seen a therapist during one of the way too many guilt trips he has in life. He isn't Batman for crying out loud.

Stupid but fixable

Aunt May, this character should retire or be de-aged like with the Ultimate Spider-man Cartoon version, because being too old limits the character to the pointless level. Marvel should also write Spider-man as a guy who actually went to college instead of trying to keep him in early 20s mode.

I will go into more detail later this month.


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