Monday, September 30, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tabula Rasa and Butterfly Split Indie Comic Review

I came across this split comic from Red Forest and Stache publishing that connects to a split book (Book is available on Amazon) this past weekend at Project Comic Con. The comics' names are Tabula Rasa: Equanimity In Hell and Butterfly: Prelude to Deep Penitentiary 6. Both stories act as preludes to the book Tabula Rasa & Deep Penitentiary 6. While I have yet to read the novel the comic preludes have piqued my interest.

Regarding the art and story for Tabula Rasa: While I am not appreciative of horror stories in general, I must say this was a good one. The pacing of the narrative is well written and just enough black was used in the coloring process. The art has realistic proportions for the human characters and their hair looks like I could run a hand through it. The story's plot seems original even though vampires have been done to death over the past few decades.

In regards to Butterfly's story and art: I must say grindhouse is mentioned on the cover, and it lives up to the good cheese appeal the genre can evoke with this story. The Art leaves a little to be desired regarding character's feet but overall fits the story narrative to a tee. This story is adult in nature and thus  comes with a warning for readers, but the comic itself does not get too excessive and adult.

Both stories feature special must-read bios about the writers, as well as script pages for those looking to learn.

I give this indie split comic a high mark of excellence.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Syria mess and reasons why the United States should not be involved

The civil war currently happening in Syria should not have involvement from the United States military for the following reasons:

The United States economy

Global Perception of the U.S.A.

Two wars still in progress involving the United States

A lot of U.S. Citizens are against it

Psychological state of military, air force and navy

More reasons can be given but these should be taken into account by everyone.


  The supplemental section is a relatively decent mix of materials. While the overall creative quality ranged from good to somewhat okay in ...