Book Review of Shot in the Face

   Sequart Research and Literacy Organization recently released an essay/interview book called Shot in the Face: A Savage Journey to the Heart of Transmetropolitan. This book has two interesting Interviews with Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson, which is all I will say about those two parts. The main focus of the book is the essays done about the comic book series Transmetropolitan. Authors are Brett Williams, Sean Witzke, Witzke (Again), Chris Murphy, Ryan K. Lindsay, Patrick Meaney, Chad Nevett, Greg Burgas, Sara K. Ellis, Julian Darius, Johanna Draper Carlson, Jason Michelitch, & Kevin Thurman.

   Brett Williams uses to great effect science, both fictional and real, to craft a well thought out essay of Transmetopolitan's publishing history. For example the way media has changed with the times is mentioned, as well as how good science fiction anticipates the changes.

   On the other end of the spectrum Greg Burgas writes coherently but fails in properly emotionally handling his essay's views on the female characters. Burgas writing almost comes across as sexist while trying to say how the characters should be the opposite. While Burgas is most likely, judging solely by his essay themes, a proponent of civil rights, it is hard to tell here.

   Sean Witzke two essays both make the reader think about the world around them. The first however does this better by posing an initial question for the reader. This is not to say the second fails, it just means it has a totally different approach which show his strength and range as a writer.

   The rest I will leave for other potential readers to check out by purchasing either a physical copy from Sequart's Site or buying a kindle copy. I suggest you read the comic Transmetropolitan before reading your copy of the thought-provoking Shot in The Face.


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