Hafu Comic Review

      Creating a new character especially in a realistic is hard to do for any creator, but Hafu is successful as a title. Jordan Taylor (the writer) and Sam Richardson (the artist) have created this success by making the Japanese cultural references seem accurate. They also have a strong and intelligent female character in Akiko, a Half-Japanese girl. Even when Akiko is weak she has strength of character. The paper quality is a high standard and shows the art off very well.

      Now this is not to say that the writing and art can't use more honing. The writing feels at times slightly limited in terms of certain verbal explanations. For example whether the mother of Akiko is Caucasian. The art while good at showing movement and emotion needs more work on point-of-view/camera positioning. An example is the big reveal of who is in the Ninja Clan.

     Overall Jordan Taylor and Sam Richardson are providing better stories than DC and Marvel currently are. These are two creators (at least one of whom is based in Missouri) to watch!



  1. Hi, I'm Sam Richardson (the illustrator). I can't thank you enough for the review and critique. It's always extremely helpful to have intelligent feedback. Much appreciated!


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