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Superhero AA

Writing a lot of things, but one thing I can talk about is refining an old script. The script is for a superhero AA comic that I started as a short prose story, then changed to a crappy comic. Now I am refining it with the help of the original artist Essince. The Rapper known as Essince, who I went to college with, recently contacted me saying he was interested in working with me again on this comic. Now hopefully it turns out better than it did last time when we were being rushed by our college instructor.

Epileptics, Dwarfs, People who dress up as animals will all still be represented.

I am going to have the refinements hopefully done by tomorrow night, and then it is in my co-creator's hands.

Two things that are bad even one does not exist here and why

I believe that flying cars should only be used in CGI format. This is due to things like car crashes being bad enough just on the ground, and just imagine the stress of taking a driving and flying test.

Existence would suck if bunnies or some other fast reproduction system having species was immortal and the rest of us were not. The world would have quickly run out of certain resources. Not to mention several regular species would be crowded out by the reproducing immortals.