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Newscaster Dragon Maggots Short Movie Review

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Newscaster/Dragon/Maggots is a Surrealist Animated movie currently hitting film festivals. So unfortunately viewers can only see it by viewing it at the festivals it shows at.

The Review Part
 The movie while only 3 minutes in length has good pacing that neither makes the film feel too long or short. However The Dragon part is hard to see due to the Salvador Dali style rotoscoped animation. This is not to say the 3 minutes of animation is not viewable. The work is very watchable in regards to the other two subjects.

 As for the Music by Japan's Merzbow it can be a bit grating in certain seconds but overall it works. How it works is by adding a distorted feel that reminds one of television channel problems. Not the standard problems, but like being an alien on acid while watching TV.

 I recommend this short movie for fans of Grant Morrison's Final Crisis, Christopher Nolan movies. Heck just anyone looking for something a little different.

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Superman 3 or Richard Pryor 3

    Superman 3 should be called Richard Pryor 3 for a few reasons. Like the recent Dark Knight Rises more screen time is on the support cast, specifically Richard Pryor. Pryor has more lines and time on screen than the title character seems too! Not to mention that the comedic themes parallel the social commentary of Nolan's DKR movie. Meaning that the comedy out weighs the adventure and romance portions of the story.

    Remember this is just my opinion.