Sunday, January 26, 2014

3 things related to comic books I find annoying

    These are the top three things I currently find annoying in or related to comic books:

1. Going too dark or too light in a story. Take for example the lack of fun and too dark direction of Man Of Steel or the recent Batman: Death of A Family storyline. Stories need high and low points to work, meaning when something good happens then something bad needs to happen. Oh and DC is just the most recent to commonly have this problem.

2. Less quality versus more quantity. While DC, Marvel, & Dynamite Entertainment all have at least one title that currently defies this trend, they all fall into this trap. The trap is caused by creating pointless variant covers and massive amounts of titles featuring the same characters. This means less attention is paid to how well and original the stories are done. Think how mean times you have read one comic and the next week read the same story in a different comic. Valiant, while partially in the trap due to variant covers, is arguably the best at consistently focusing on quality over quantity.

3. Editorial interference and lack of editioral interference. Now you are probably thinking that is a paradox, but the thing is editors need to not micromanage while still managing potential problems. Think of the infamous All-Star Batman and Robin. This title was so badly edited that various delays happened, and an issue was recalled due to excessive swearing. These among other problems, such as repeating dialogue, are things an editor would need to handle. What an editor does not need to do is bugging the creatives working on a project to the point that they leave mid-way through a story critics and fans were praising. If an editor or another high-up is constantly dictating plot or story beats then they are just being an idiot.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weird Thoughts of Mine

1: Why don't toilets have anti-clogging technology? I mean we could and should still be able to use plungers, but come on no one likes clogging!

2: Pico-sized Nanites or rather one Nanite that could create smaller robots that can attack certain diseases. Even if this is left to the realm of fiction we should be moving on from certain technological ideas.

3: I wonder if the 24 hour news cycle could be demolished and investigative journalism brought back? Not like we get a lot of updates and truth now!


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