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Weird Story from my past

So several years back I go into a Starbucks near Webster University for a meeting with classmates and an older couple comes up to me. They then just start talking about a burlesque act they saw in Missouri and they are acting as if we have met. Never found out their names or cleared up the confusion, but this was an interesting life moment for me.

    The lesson here is if you get involved in an interesting conversation about an interesting topic, then just go with it.

Comics In Focus Chris Claremont's X-Men Movie All Download Versions Review

Sequart Research and Literacy Organization and Respect! Films recently released of Comic In Focus Chris Claremont's X-Men documentary. This is a review of all the downloads: movie, plus footage, and the ultimate footage.

    The regular movie is fairly short which helps it keep on track regarding exploring the titular topic. Chris Claremont and the other interviewees such as Ann Nocenti provide interesting information, no matter the version of footage one views. However while each version is interesting the ultimate cut is a touch too long and unfocused. The other major problem in the ultimate is the lack of good transitions, this along with the jump cuts hurts this version. I would recommend at least getting the plus footage and watching it after the regular, because of the behind-the-page info provided.

    Only major fans of comics history, Saturday Night Live, X-Men titles or the creator's interviewed should bother with the ultimate version. Though the ultimate does p…