Itty Bitty Hellboy Hardcover Review

   One can say that kids shouldn't read this due to the title, and character name, of Hellboy still being a part of the comic. I say this is no more wrong for kids than Spongebob. Sure some of the jokes will go above a child's head in terms of the adult nature, such as the hot sauce transformation joke. However Spongebob works at "The Krusty Krab" which is obviously a dirty joke, so why should the name Hellboy be a problem! In other words, the writing and plots are innocent and clean enough for young and old readers to enjoy.

  The art, which shows great design and line work, makes the comic very motion-filled in a more child-like way than the Tin-Tin books of old. This is caused by sound-effects and motion lines combining to create this effect. As for the colors, they are bright and cheerful much like the creators' Aw Yeah! comics line. The backgrounds also have full art versus blank negative space which greatly helps the storytelling. These are yet more reasons for young and old readers to pick up this hardcover comic.

In my final opinion, while I thought the underwear and campfire jokes could have been more creative,  the overall feel of the comic is great. Thus I recommend you pick a copy up for a child in your life and one for yourself, while you continue recommending Art Baltazar & Franco's work to others.


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