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Announcement of Sailor Moon Blog Posts and Primer

Starting Thursday and then every Thursday there after I will be doing a blog post on Sailor Moon. The posts will be opinion based regarding the Japanese Uncut episodes released by Viz on Hulu, and each post will vary in length. I will compare these episodes with those that were English dubbed by DIC (DIC entertainment) back in the 1990s. However certain episodes were ignored by DIC, and the related posts will not be including comparisons in all of them because of this.

Slamming He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Issue 13 Spoilers

Below be spoilers!

    No DC, bad DC! Your He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe Issue 13 shows why this title should have been given to a company like Archie or even IDW. You have turned King Grayskull into a veritable alcoholic and given him a death that is not by battle, but by treachery. Not only that this comic lacks a proper age rating for the graphic death scene. You have done things some MOTU fans can forgive like giving He-Man pants and making Teela a fake ginger. However, this is not something fans should forgive! DC you have foolishly made a cartoon & toy character based comic aimed at the fans into something almost totally unrecognizable. 
   As fans of the cartoons and toys know anything MOTU based should be fun, and able for children to adults to enjoy. Heck the Frank Langella and Dolph Lundgren movie was more fun and better rated than your current comics. Please DC stop trying to make things like this comic series dark and instead make this stuff fun like your S…

Double Advance Review Of Shadowman End Times Issue 2 and Harbinger 23 Spoilers

The second issue of Valiant's Shadowman: End Times is written by Peter Milligan with Art, Inks Lettering , & Colors by Valentine De Landro, Livesay, Dave Lanphear,  & David Baron respectively. While I have no complaints about the issue in terms of Dave and/or David's work, I do have a small problem with the layout of the story. Peter Milligan while brilliant with the plot and dialogue creates a problem for Valentine. This problem is the jump cut* like feel of the story when transitioning between one scene to the next with time having apparently gone by. It is problematic due to the fact that we do not see how Shadowman is traveling so we do not see how much time has gone by from location to location. Now Valentine and Livesay handle this as best they can with some help from Dave and David providing a little work to the transitional feel of the story. *(Jump Cut is a term from movies that usually is used when a character or object leaves a scene, only to jump from o…

First List of 4 Interesting Comic Related Recommendations

1: The Journal Of Modok Studies; Part original Modok related satire and part fanzine. This is recommended due to the chef/spy satire in the first issue alone. Several issues are out and are probably easiest to track down through online sellers.

2: JLA Incarnations; Though a short Justice League series that is questionable in the previous DC continuity circa 2001, these one-shot stories are a good look at how DC characters can be edgy and fun.

3. Green Lantern # 129 by Judd Winick, Darryl Banks & Andy Smith. This single issue shows how to make a secret identity work for a hero. It also shows how to foreshadow and play up a supporting cast.

4. Talking with the Valiant Staff at conventions. This is recommended because they are fun to talk too and you can sometimes see art that has yet to be released to the press. Just try not to blab secrets or act over-excited.

Advance Review of X-O Manowar Issue 25 Spoilers

This is an interesting issue because it is the first 25th issue of a Valiant comic series from the current incarnation of the company. Not only that but they give us a crossover between the X-O Manowar armor, without Aric mind you, and Top Shelf's Owly & Wormy. This very kid-friendly one-off story is even done by Owly & Wormy's creator Andy Runton. We also get a good bar buddies story featuring Aric and Shadowman. This story is more early teen to late teen friendly in feel. I can actually see people possibly buying this issue for these stories alone, and using them in an education course.
The rest of the stories and features are Teen Plus and range from an X-O origin summary with art to pin-ups and a cover gallery. This summary makes the issue very new reader friendly, as do the two stories mentioned previously. The following two stories after the origin feature Aric being late to a funeral, and the other has the Armor Hunters' funeral "rites." These a…

Advance Review of Unity Issue 7 with Potential Spoilers

Okay first off I did not read the previous issue Unity, but the summary at the beginning of issue 7 did a good job of catching me up. I had a problem with the mcguffin, I.E. the Silk virus, of this story until I saw what Dr. Silk's (the villain of the story arc) fictional virus infected victims did to non-infected people. The reaction being murdering those not infected, and those unable to be effected like the character Livewire, thus potentially resolving future resistance problems. The future resistance would presumably have been not able to be infected, or blind, or unable to read. Which speaking of reading the infected must have been very fast readers and/or good eyesight to be able to read a cue card. Though I am glad it was demonstrated this way versus something like the internet, because that has been done to death. (No pun intended.)

   The art by Cafu is great but digital does reduce the quality, so I suggest either buying this issue in print or trade waiting. I will …

Chris Claremont's X-Men Vimeo Links

Vimeo On Demand version of Comics in Focus: Chris Claremont's X-Men a documentary from Sequart Research and Literacy Organization and Respect Films. Below is the trailer.

Chris Claremont's X-Men - Trailer from Respect Films

(While I do work for Sequart at times, any press or promotional like this is not for my own work. I will always just post a link or update if it is my work with a comment about it being my work.)

For other personal downloads and DVDs of this and other movies go to and look at their store.

Jen Blake Interview

Ripper: What was your first comic related experience in any medium?

Jenn: My first comic book experience goes back to some of my earliest memories, My dad was a huge comic book reader since he was very young back in the golden age of comics. As for me, I was exposed to them through bedtime stories; no Dr. Seuss for this girl, nope! I was read Justice League, Ghost Rider, you name it from DC and Marvel. Comics have been a part of my life since I can remember and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

Ripper: How long would you say it took you as a My Little Pony artist to accept the Brony community as a good thing?

Jenn: The male fan base for My Little Pony was a pretty big shock for me at first. I was first informed of it before I even watched MLP: Friendship is Magic. I was selling some collector edition Star Wars LEGO sets to a father and son who have a really great vintage toy store. The son was telling me about this new version of MLP and how great it is. As somepony who grew up …

Bloodshot And H.A.R.D.corps # 22 Early Review Potential Spoilers

This issue sees Duffy Boudreau joining Christos Gage on writing duty, and while there are slight changes to the feel of the book it is remarkably the same cool read! We even get the slightly new tech term of "Jail-broken" in the summary that has been updated for oncoming readers. The art by Al Barrionuevo is consistent in terms of line work and character features. Colored and Lettered with no apparent mistakes by Colorist Matt Milla & Letterer Dave Sharpe. This is a creative onslaught of coolness.

Spoilers beyond this point!

     As for the actual story we get Bloodshot betrayed, deceptions aplenty, and cast members dying in gruesome ways. Also a scene from the Harbinger Wars crossover is referenced, though this time in a kill or be killed way. For fans of the original H.A.R.D.corps series from the 1990s, you will finally get a moment you have been waiting for since Bloodshot and H.A.R.D.Corps became a single joint title. If you are still on the fence about t…

Main Problem I Had With Son Of Batman Animated Movie

As stated in the title I have problems with this animated movie. Partly due to the hodgepodge of comic elements including actual quotations from various comic story arcs. However, the main problem is with the PG-13 rating when there is implied date rape. This is implicated by Talia when talking about how she got Batman to conceive Damien with her. He even confirms the lack of consent on his part due having been drugged. This raises the question are DC Entertainment's head creators and suits afraid to put out kid accessible products besides Tiny Titans comics?

Rai # 1 Sold Out At Distributor Level Causes Second Print

This means while you can still find the first print in select stores, those of you who can't will be able to get the second printing. Not only that you will be able to get it the same day as Rai # 2's first print. Assuming Diamond does not screw up your local comic store's shipment. This all happens on June 4th.

Valiant has mostly got positive reviews for this first issue of Rai from the big comic news sites. So pick up a copy of Rai 1 and 2 and see whether you like the comic or not.

Rai Issue 1 Review Possible Spoilers

The Police Officer, Spylocke, and the problem of too much to start with:

    There are several problems with the art and story of Rai # 1. To start with the police officer at the beginning of the issue is referred to as having some kind of identifying and recording device. This device is never explicitly pointed out, unless you consider a weird futuristic chain mail a security device of the future. The second problem with this officer is that she is not clearly portrayed as a female. These are both artistic problems due most likely to script choices made by Matt Kindt, as well as the style Clayton Crain uses for his art. However the real problem here is the ambiguous look the officer has due to how her position in most panels is too close up.

    Another series of problems is the lack of integration for the mysterious Spylocke who is towards the end of the first issue. He is than given a rushed backstory in a separate montage story, which leads to the lacking through line within the m…

Official Valiant RPG Press Release Text

(Note from Rip: This is the first press release from Valiant's Entertainment to be featured, minus the promotional art on this blog. Comment If in the future you would like some art included.)
In concert with award-winning comic book publisher Valiant Entertainment, Catalyst Game Labs is proud to announce the Valiant Universe RPG Digital Initiative—an all-new, digital-first gaming rollout presenting a red-hot array of select characters and scenarios from the upcoming Valiant Universe RPGbefore Valiant’s first long-awaited tabletop game goes live on July 5th!

With several releases set to debut during the lead-up to Free RPG Day on June 21st 2014, the initiative begins today with the release of Valiant Universe RPG Quick-Start Rules: Unity—recreating the first landmark confrontation between X-O Manowar and Valiant’s premier superteam Unity and available now at and

Then, on May 17th, relive the staggering events of Valiant’s best-sellin…