Advance Review of Unity Issue 7 with Potential Spoilers

    Okay first off I did not read the previous issue Unity, but the summary at the beginning of issue 7 did a good job of catching me up. I had a problem with the mcguffin, I.E. the Silk virus, of this story until I saw what Dr. Silk's (the villain of the story arc) fictional virus infected victims did to non-infected people. The reaction being murdering those not infected, and those unable to be effected like the character Livewire, thus potentially resolving future resistance problems. The future resistance would presumably have been not able to be infected, or blind, or unable to read. Which speaking of reading the infected must have been very fast readers and/or good eyesight to be able to read a cue card. Though I am glad it was demonstrated this way versus something like the internet, because that has been done to death. (No pun intended.)

   The art by Cafu is great but digital does reduce the quality, so I suggest either buying this issue in print or trade waiting. I will say that those who appreciate art being done by one person will be pleased no matter what the format. The line work is constistent while clearly telling the story. Characters look expressive and individualized where needed and mob-like for the infected scenes. There are even subtle differences between the different Doctor Silk's shown.

Matt Kindt's scripts are a much better match in my opinion with an artist like Cafu than Clayton Crain due to how he paces a script. While Cafu could stand to have some of Clayton's kinetic motion for the action scenes, Clayton could use some more clarity for his work with Matt on Rai. Examples for Clayton can be found in my Rai review. Cafu had enough kinetic motion for the X-O Manowar and Eternal Warrior scenes, however the Ninjak fight scenes felt a little slow and staged. Ninjak should not be slow in a regular fight.

I recommended you pick this story arc up at some point, but I think those like myself who are unfamiliar with the original Dr. Silk should first check out the original run of Ninjak. That way you might appreciate the story more than I did.

P.S. I can't help wondering if the ending panel was a slight homage to 1993's Johnny's Golden Quest and the ending featuring Dr. Zin.


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