Advance Review of X-O Manowar Issue 25 Spoilers

   This is an interesting issue because it is the first 25th issue of a Valiant comic series from the current incarnation of the company. Not only that but they give us a crossover between the X-O Manowar armor, without Aric mind you, and Top Shelf's Owly & Wormy. This very kid-friendly one-off story is even done by Owly & Wormy's creator Andy Runton. We also get a good bar buddies story featuring Aric and Shadowman. This story is more early teen to late teen friendly in feel. I can actually see people possibly buying this issue for these stories alone, and using them in an education course.

The rest of the stories and features are Teen Plus and range from an X-O origin summary with art to pin-ups and a cover gallery. This summary makes the issue very new reader friendly, as do the two stories mentioned previously. The following two stories after the origin feature Aric being late to a funeral, and the other has the Armor Hunters' funeral "rites." These are polar opposite reflections on how one can go on with a life after the passing of an insert blank. Aric decides to learn and grow, as for the Armor Hunters you will just have to pick up the issue and see.

This is a pretty good jumping on point, especially if you don't fancy going back and reading the past 24 issues. Though they are good!


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