Double Advance Review Of Shadowman End Times Issue 2 and Harbinger 23 Spoilers

    The second issue of Valiant's Shadowman: End Times is written by Peter Milligan with Art, Inks Lettering , & Colors by Valentine De Landro, Livesay, Dave Lanphear,  & David Baron respectively. While I have no complaints about the issue in terms of Dave and/or David's work, I do have a small problem with the layout of the story. Peter Milligan while brilliant with the plot and dialogue creates a problem for Valentine. This problem is the jump cut* like feel of the story when transitioning between one scene to the next with time having apparently gone by. It is problematic due to the fact that we do not see how Shadowman is traveling so we do not see how much time has gone by from location to location. Now Valentine and Livesay handle this as best they can with some help from Dave and David providing a little work to the transitional feel of the story. *(Jump Cut is a term from movies that usually is used when a character or object leaves a scene, only to jump from out of nowhere into the same scene.)

    Now as for Harbinger # 23, I loved it and have no complaints except when can I buy the trade already. The entire series has rocked me from issue 1 to now and I think I will still be excited about this series after it ends and probably 20 years later still. I can only hope we see excitement and quality like this with whatever characters survive to appear in Valiant's upcoming new titles this year. There is an apparent death of a Renegade. However readers who have followed this series from issue 1 should expect some more twists and turns like the Coda at the end of this issue before the series ends.

    The Shadowman: End Times issue does add new layers to the current Shadowman mythos, while also offering a possible resurrection that will not violate Valiant's "Dead Is Dead" edict. I recommend this issue, or at least checking out the trade. As for Harbinger # 23 I recommend this issue as well but tentatively say do not expect the apparent death to be the real death, or at least the last one, because the wild Harbinger ride isn't over yet.


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