First List of 4 Interesting Comic Related Recommendations

1: The Journal Of Modok Studies; Part original Modok related satire and part fanzine. This is recommended due to the chef/spy satire in the first issue alone. Several issues are out and are probably easiest to track down through online sellers.

2: JLA Incarnations; Though a short Justice League series that is questionable in the previous DC continuity circa 2001, these one-shot stories are a good look at how DC characters can be edgy and fun.

3. Green Lantern # 129 by Judd Winick, Darryl Banks & Andy Smith. This single issue shows how to make a secret identity work for a hero. It also shows how to foreshadow and play up a supporting cast.

4. Talking with the Valiant Staff at conventions. This is recommended because they are fun to talk too and you can sometimes see art that has yet to be released to the press. Just try not to blab secrets or act over-excited.


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