Rai Issue 1 Review Possible Spoilers

The Police Officer, Spylocke, and the problem of too much to start with: 

    There are several problems with the art and story of Rai # 1. To start with the police officer at the beginning of the issue is referred to as having some kind of identifying and recording device. This device is never explicitly pointed out, unless you consider a weird futuristic chain mail a security device of the future. The second problem with this officer is that she is not clearly portrayed as a female. These are both artistic problems due most likely to script choices made by Matt Kindt, as well as the style Clayton Crain uses for his art. However the real problem here is the ambiguous look the officer has due to how her position in most panels is too close up.

    Another series of problems is the lack of integration for the mysterious Spylocke who is towards the end of the first issue. He is than given a rushed backstory in a separate montage story, which leads to the lacking through line within the main story. Though the introduction of Spylocke is a bit of an info dump, it is nothing compared to the issue as a whole. For example there are too many diary/journal entries for the character who will probably turn out to be Rai's helper/sidekick. Also the background art is very busy and a little too kinetic.

These things being said I am still willing to give the second issue a try in part because Matt Kindt & Clayton Crain have done good work in the past on other titles. Also I am interested to see just how closely the characters Bloodshot and Rai are related. (Cause they may even be the same character this time around.)


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