Slamming He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Issue 13 Spoilers

   Below be spoilers!

    No DC, bad DC! Your He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe Issue 13 shows why this title should have been given to a company like Archie or even IDW. You have turned King Grayskull into a veritable alcoholic and given him a death that is not by battle, but by treachery. Not only that this comic lacks a proper age rating for the graphic death scene. You have done things some MOTU fans can forgive like giving He-Man pants and making Teela a fake ginger. However this is not something fans should forgive! DC you have foolishly made a cartoon & toy character based comic aimed at the fans into something almost totally unrecognizable. 

   As fans of the cartoons and toys know anything MOTU based should be fun, and able for children to adults to enjoy. Heck the Frank Langella and Dolph Lundgren movie was more fun and better rated than your current comics. Please DC stop trying to make things like this comic series dark and instead make this stuff fun like your Scribblenauts comics. I will give you a few more issues, but if I see another brutal stabbing or beloved character death I will give up on this series.


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