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Humanizing Adult Films Interview with MZ Berlin

  Some notes on this one: I unintentionally botched this interview by asking questions that were badly phrased such as the # 2, or lacking defining information such as #'s 3 and 4. For those that haven't seen Don Jon, The movie says people should not obsess over fantasies no matter the genre or medium they are created in. 

  As for question 2 I do not believe in stereotyping anyone. I was just trying to ask a question to show that Adult Industry careers should not be viewed with negative stereotypes. Unfortunately having no idea of how bad it was to ask this question both in terms of the speculation, personal nature, and phrasing, I can only apologize. I have already apologized to MZ Berlin via Twitter. However I feel I should apologize to anyone else who potentially takes offense to that never to be repeated question. I am sorry. 

Now on to the interview:

Rip: 1. Can the adult industry ever be left without extreme changes needing to be made to one's identity? In other words can people just be treated as people without drastic measures?

Mz Berlin: I don't have a definitive answer for this question. Every performer is different and the experiences they have are vastly different. I have seen people make the transition smoothly and I have seen transitions that weren't successful. When I took three years off I had several issues with stalkers, but only one instance of being recognized at my vanilla job by someone who was inappropriate. I found both of those instances jarring, obviously, but they didn't define my entire experience. I also have the benefit of living in relatively liberal Northern California, so someone who lives in a more conservative environment may have different incidents, or none at all. It's hard to say.

Rip 2. At a guess what percent of the industry would you say is in functioning romantic relationships this year alone?

Mz Berlin: Huh? I don't know/don't care. I'm not going to speculate on what is "functional" and what isn't. This is the kind of question that fuels negative stereotypes. It feels like you're saying that the adult industry is assumed not to have "functional" relationships and I will not validate that with a response related to the subject matter.

Rip: 3. Based on Joseph Gordon Levitt's movie Don Jon, do you think that people confuse any type of fantasy as reality no matter the source?

Mz Berlin: I have not seen this film and don't care to.

Rip: 4. In regards to question 3 do you think this accounts for the insults and tabloid rumors all celebrities including those in your chosen career face?

Mz Berlin: I haven't seen the film, but I'm assuming there are negative stereotypes of sex workers in the film? As for gossip/rumors- If people are talking about me, I could care less what they're saying. I know people speak poorly about the XXX industry while secretly watching it every night. The proof is in the pudding. The stats are there- people watch porn. I think over the next decade the negative stigma of being a sex worker will fade. I hope so, at least.

Rip: 5. Finally if you could make any kind of movie for any type of audience, what kind and who would be the audience?

Mz Berlin: A horror/mystery film, of course! Rated "R" and full of spooky noir imagery. And my audience would be, as it is now, any sick perv that wants to watch!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Weird Ideas Yet Again

1. If male pregnancy was suddenly physically possible how many people would be against it?

2. Shouldn't the Island of Doctor Moreau actually be called the Island of Manimals? I don't mean the book just the island in the book.

3. Are there Toenail Collector conventions for the people who do that? Yuck!

4. Does the Multiverse existing mean that we can never stay dead?

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 4

    Jadeite tries to do a fitness & dieting scheme to steal energy this time around with weird alien pods. Though I can suspend my disbelief for Usagi/Serena not seeing through his disguise I can't do so for her friends. They actually see the pods and don't run to the authorities, instead they go inside said pods after a flimsy lie is given. Look I can forgive this show for a lot of things including bad dubbings, but this is just sad. Also a trainer pushing someone to go beyond their limits is someone most people would say "no" to getting a workout from.

   Some questions I have after this episode are: Is Jadeite his title or name? Why in the DIC English dub  does Naru's voice at one time sound like a 80 year old lifetime smoker's voice? Why do they keep attack the same city, I mean is it the only place they can go? Does Gurio/Melvin have more pervert moments in the series Japanese Dub that were Kept in the English dub?

Humanizing Adult Films The Vicky Vette Interview

The below interview is the first of hopefully many with Adult Industry professionals, with the aim of making people see these professionals as human. 

Rip: 1. Who is more annoying as a Star Trek character Captain Kirk or Captian Picard and please explain why?

Vicky: Who doesn't love Captain Kirk... or for that matter Captain Picard? That's like choosing Chocolate over Strawberry icecream. Picard is seriously talented but Kirk definitely wore his hairpiece well.  Most "annoying" of the two? I think I would have to agree with George Takei... that Kirk aka William Shatner has a certain ''arrogance'' going on. 

             Rip: 2. Why do you think adult film stars and their lives get dehumanized in the political realm when there is probably more scandals by politicos?

Vicky: Adult stars are very easy targets. We take our clothes off for a living and are supposed to be human punching bags (among other things). It is easy on twitter to call a porn star a hoe, ugly or a skank.  We are not supposed to have any brains and are only supposed to be good at one thing.  It's a ''shock'' or a ''joke'' that a porn star could be associated with any type of politics or cause because in theory we are only supposed to think about sex 24/7.  People are uncomfortable with the thought that there is more behind the image, so it's easy to write something flippant with a topless picture than to actually take anything seriously. Sad... but true.

Rip: 3. If you were to have become famous by some other means, what would you have liked it to be?

Vicky: Running a worldwide charity for abused animals.  I feel passionate about animals and try to save pets who have been thrown away. I don't always agree with everything Peta says or does, so maybe I could be famous for setting up Peta by a Pornstar. lol. 

Rip: 4. Is there life after fame or just life?

Vicky: It's always just life isn't it?  That's a hard question to answer. As a porn star, even if I quit tomorrow somewhere somehow is going to associate me with porn and taking my clothes off. Just yesterday I got a friend request from someone that I used to train with and his wife. I could stop everything tomorrow... and people will likely still think I am ''Vicky Vette".  If I ever wanted to go into any ''normal'' profession, I am sure at some point, some how.. someone would connect the dots. Of course there is life after fame, but it's always going to be an altered reality. 

Rip: 5. In your opinion how can sexism be fought while empowering all genders?
Vicky: An age old question. Being a positive role model in adult is a start... for me that means breaking down perceptions that I should just be a stupid porn star without an opinion. Showing a different side of myself.  Doing charitable work. That a real person can be in my profession actually enjoying herself ... and not being abused.  People lump all porn stars together - no brains and on drugs or booze.  Not a lot of people know I haven't had a drink in 28 years for example.  They assume I have to be on something to do my profession.  Sexism is always going to exist.  I can only try to reach as many people as I can to show a different side of myself.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day Of Review of Shadowman End Times Issue 3 Spoilers

Spoilers below this point:

 I love most of the art for this last issue of Shadowman End Times and for this alone I am recommending this comic. However the dissolving of the fake Wanga created copy of Shadowman's mother is some what anti-climatic. Also a revived Master Darque resembles Pinhead minus the pins. Now as for the story by Peter Milligan, it is okay plot-wise with a strong female cast member. The problem though is Jack seems more stupid than consumed by madness. His Loa should have been whispering maddening thoughts more obviously in this issue. Overall all though the rest of the comic is great with an interesting end to this part of Shadowman Jack Boniface's story.

Day Of Review Super Secret Crisis War Issue 1

   The concept while intriguingly weird is hampered by an average first issue. Louise Simonson's story feels very much like a set-up for an overly big crossover of Cartoon Network characters. While introductions are necessary for any comic, Simonson was just not providing the storytelling skills she has shown in prior work. Derek Charms, while providing each character with their original artistic sensibilities, also does not create more than a shared universe cut and paste job. However Simonson & Charms skills could have been hampered by the suits (non-creatives) at Cartoon Network trying to dumb down the original concept.

  While the theory of the suits hampering this comic is just guess work it still may be true. The fact is DC Entertainment is not doing this crossover, but instead allowing IDW. Also AOL-Time Warner which owns both DC and Cartoon Network seems to have allowed some sort of animosity to develop between the two companies it is parent too. Finally Cartoon Network seems to look for the cheapest low quality productions to be a part of in recent years such as The Amazing World Of Gumball. However this really is just really speculation on my part.

I would not recommend this issue unless one is a super big animation fan, or unless it is found in a 50 cent bin.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Advance Review Of X-O Manowar Issue 26

   Okay I will recommend this issue, but I need to list the problems I saw in the story Robert Venditti told in this issue.

   Before the bad though we first must will mention the good. First off the issue as a whole is quality entertainment from the art by Diego Bernard & Alisson Rodrigues to the lettering by Dave Sharpe. The dialogue by Robert Venditti is strong and relatable to anyone who has had a bad deal or job. There is also a mystery to how the Armor in this issue moves and acts. It almost is like it is attached to a corpse and is going off some sort of muscle memory.

   Now as for the problems. They start with the summary stating we will see the origin of the Armor Hunters' leader Reebo. Instead of a done-in-one origin, or a single character focused issue, we get a Reebo and pre-mutation Malgram story.* It does not feel like the beginning of an origin but a prequel tie-in to the event Armor Hunters. This is not a bad thing in itself, but if you say you are doing an origin than do an origin. Also by having Malgram show up looking so different, and at all, the focus is distracted from Reebo. This is not the worst thing but so unexpected that I have to wonder why he is not mentioned in the summary.

  I would not recommend new readers start with this issue. However long time readers of X-O Manowar will at least want to pick up this week's issue up for Malgram.

 *Malgram being the first Armor Hunter we were ever introduced to in X-O Manowar.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kali-Yuga Issue 1 Comic Review

    For a first issue of a series this Kickstarter funded comic is good at introducing things. From the basic background history by means of a foreword from John David Ebert, to the Narration and Art by Benton Rooks and Juan Chavarriga. The art for example is very high-quality with an experimental hallucination type feel to the designs. Benton Rooks is very good at providing the right kind and amount of narration. The story as a whole however could use a little less introduction for the next issue and a little more action and pages. That said I found it an intriguing experience and I recommend buying a copy.

You can contact Kali-Yuga Comics on twitter @Kaliyugacomic or


The title logo by Hakan Hisim shows talent!

Three Absurdly Weird Ideas

1. Wonder if anyone has ever been sucked up by a tornado, and the last thought that went through their mind was "I wish I had finished taking off the clown make-up!"

2. Have senior citizens ever mobbed any clown cars?

3. Can Marvel's fictional Pym Particles shrink individual body parts? Heck for that matter can DC's size-changers do that same thing?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 3

   There are number of differences I noticed between the Japanese original and the 1990s version this time. An example is the radio show name is totally different. However this is sort of a "so bad it is good thing" because one gets more out of each version. Now normally I would view a bad translation as a bad translation, but I think this episode is unique. While all media has changed this episode really reminded me of advice columns and The Red Shoe Diaries. (note those underage should not watch that show.) This is due to the general idea of a handsome looking man reading other peoples' love letters as part of a media presentation.

  While we get funny Luna and Haruna moments what I really like are is the in-story message. The message being about writing one's feelings by hand and then giving it to one's love or crush which is awesome to point out! We all have to put ourselves out there to find acceptance of our positive feelings.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mini-Review of Nova Issue 18 Spoilers

Spoilers beyond this point    

   The comic as a whole is okay both a single issue and as tie-in to an event comic. However even with a summary page this issue is not a new reader friendly comic. While it does provide a clear story flow both in art and dialogue it feels like it creates pressure for potential new readers due in part because of the tie-in nature of the issue. Also the character the Exterminatrix is more of a teen plus character than a teen rated should have, at least with the realistic art style this comic has going on. Overall while I enjoyed this issue for it's story and character proportions, I don't think I can recommend this for new readers or kids who are allowed to read Teen rated comics. 

Harbinger Issue 24 Review Spoilers

Spoilers beyond this sentence!

   While this series still has one issue left, I can safely say this has been one of the best titles in of this decade! The art and writing have been consistently solid. All the major characters have relatable arcs that show clear individual growth. The art has never looked rushed or off. While no series is perfect this is a personal favorite of mine from Valiant Entertainment.

   Now for the spoilers I mentioned. The deformed Hunchback of Notre Dame look that Toyo Harada & Peter Stanchek acquire is awesomely awfully to imagine seeing in the real world. Peter looks like he is in physical pain from it which is mostly likely the case. Harada on the other hand gets people taking his picture while looking like this. This yet another reason I recommend picking up this comic.

   Though the real I suggest picking it up is we finally get an in-story definition of Harada's philosophical path. This happens in a big reveal by the bleeding monk that is so cool I can't repeat it. Issue 24 of Harbinger is the perfect issue to give to philosophy scholars to read, dissect, and discuss. I say this because it creates and addresses questions not only about hacking, peace, & current times but a host of other topics. This issue by Valiant is probably more than any other a most read!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Advance Mini-Review of Unity Issue 8

   While I recommend this issue, I almost don't think it should be recommended. This is due simply to the pacing feeling a little mixed. Though I loved the art, the feel of the tie-in to Armor Hunters, and the story, the pacing of the story is a problem. Mainly because of the shifts in time on two pages. One where people are interviewed, with each interview feeling like it should be leading to the previous person. The second being the last page cliffhanger feeling just weird in my opinion after previous action scenes.

Though I recommend buying this comic this Wednesday for the interactions between Gilad and Ninjak alone.

Announcement of Three Thoughts

    I have thought about the length of reviews I do and have decided to do some day of release comic reviews. These reviews will have consist of at least two to three titles and will contain spoilers with warnings beforehand. They will be a little more in-depth than the standard advance reviews I have done in the past. However I will still be doing min-reviews and advance reviews for the foreseeable future.

    Another thing I plan on doing is trying to get PG interviews with Adult Film Stars. These reviews will state that they are Adult Film Stars but will be non-adult industry related queries. An example of a question is what their favorite board game is and why? Another example would be if they could change one minor law in a state or country what would it be? These interviews will hopefully be possible, because it would allow them to be humanized more in the area of public perception.

    Finally I also plan on trying to arrange interviews with various Fan Fiction writers that I believe have the talent to go pro in the writing industry.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Wishing for New York State of Being

  Starting this weekend and continuing for three months New York will see a team-up of Valiant Entertainment, Oren's Daily Roast Coffee & Tea, and Midtown comics. Oren's will be serving a limited edition X-O Manowar Green Tea Blast. Customers can get 10 percent off the next Oren's purchase by presenting any Valiant comic. The three Midtown Comics Manhattan locations are can be gone to for redeeming Valiant Branded Oren's Java Jackets for a free Valiant comic.

Midtown Comics and other physical comic stores can be found with Comic Shop Locator.

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In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 2

Episode 2

 This second episode was not shown in the DIC 1990s series here in America. Partly I think it was due to the Miss Haruna underwear scene, which is harmless for kids to see. Though more likely it was because the Umino/Melvin character while possessed/hypnotized tries to force himself on Usagi. Sure it is just an attempt at forcing a kiss and her crying stops him, but still hard to get by American censors. Even today it would be impossible to translate that moment into something okay for kids.
Though apparently some people at a young age have seen the scene in the first season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer where Hyena Possessed Xander tries to rape Buffy. While tangential in connection both scenes were interestingly released in the 1990s.

   The reason I brought that last point up is because both shows try in there own way to represent teenagers and strong young women. Where Sailor Moon fails is with the constant crying and running from super powered fights early on. Now that is primarily due to lack of training and being thrust into horrible situations. Not to mention the original aim of Buffy The Vampire Slayer is the opposite of Sailor Moon. Where Buffy is supposed to be anti-princess like and more teen hunter at the start, Usagi is more girly-girl then natural hero.

  Overall I found this episode to be not essential to the overall story. It seems to be just a sort of take it or leave it second episode.

Addendum to Episode 1 and Series

  The reason I haven't gone into the episodes as whole pieces is because a lot of people have already reviewed them in full and I do not like retreading others ideas. Thus these Sailor Moon blog posts will lack depth at times that a review would allow. However I did say they would vary in length. So try not to judge my opinion pieces to harshly.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kinda Morbid Weird Ideas

  1. Does Marvel's Punisher ever hear a song while doing recon or after a gun battle, and think to himself my wife would have loved that song? I mean the guy is still human and humans think these things about loved ones.

  2. How many people die while watching anime each year?

  3. How ignorant to her own body does a woman have to be not to realize she is pregnant? (I would also apply this question to any at least average intelligence man with any illness?)

  4. Would Deadpool be able to put a tutu on a sleeping Daredevil?

  5. How many American Dollars would have to be used to make a reliably sturdy 5'9" coffin?

  6. Finally, how many of these questions have been input into internet search engines?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Advance Review of Bloodshot and Hardcorps issue 23

   This issue has a severe stylistic and tonal shift with how the story is told, especially in comparison to last issue. In some ways it works in a business showdown meets warfare showdown kind of way.  The shift in tone makes this issue feel more subdued then previous. It is almost like Christos Gage took the warfare related scenes, and Duffy Boudreau took the business showdown Kozol versus a committee. This causes unevenness in the issues style.

   On the plus side the art, lettering and coloring are consistent. Heck we even get a character fighting buck naked apparently, which presents an awesome visual! While this is still an okay issue, I think Armor Hunters: Bloodshot # 1 will be better when that hits stands judging by the previews I have seen. Unfortunately I don't feel I can recommend this issue by itself, so this one is a trade wait type of issue.

Advance Mini-Review Of Archer And Armstrong Issue 21

  I have a bit of a problem with the standard cover of this issue, due to how it feels a bit lackluster in terms of grabbing a potential reader's attention. However for those that pick up the issue they will find plenty of summary information to catch them up before the wildness begins. Celebrities, Gods, Fans, and conspiracies aplenty are within this comic's pages. The art is great as well by the way! Buy a copy of the issue that I dare say no more about due to risking spoiling the great surprises.

Advance Review of Armor Hunters Issue 1

  Valiant has another event mini-series starting up with their first issue of Armor Hunters. Like Harbinger Wars the stakes are high, even though the mini-series minus the tie-ins is only four issues. For those who picked up X-O Manowar # 25, you know some of what the Armor Hunters are capable of in regards to destruction. Though even that does not prepare readers for this event's first issue, where what could have been dubbed "Disaster Porn" is actually treated logically and with respect. However It is still too early to label this another great event on par with Harbinger Wars though.

  Now while this comic's regular cover draws the reader in with it's big battle scene, the story and art keep that momentum going for the reader. I loved every page of art and I believe this is some of the most beautiful work by Doug Braithwaite and Laura Martin. As for the Story itself, I still don't know exactly who to root for due to both main Valiant characters like Aric and newbies like the Armor Hunters seeming to be in the right. This is a great thing because it means the characters are complex and real. Robert Venditti is spectacular at gifting characters with natural right and wrong decisions that make a reader think. 

I recommend those who are interested in trying Valiant to first pick up X-O Manowar # 25, and then this first issue of Armor Hunters. That way you get two great comics that combine for a fuller taste of this company.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another List Of 4 Comic Related Recommendations with Potential Spoilers

1: Doctor Strange # 4 from 1974. I don't like a lot of Steve Englehart's work, but this is just such a surreal story with such a twist ending to the issue. Dr. Strange is freaking immortal when it comes to natural death. Also Mistress Death had been created by this point, but in this she is a he! Of course Marvel's Mistress Death is an abstract entity so this is not really a big deal, but still a cool footnote.

2. Solution Squad # 1 an independent comic that is aimed at middle school students to help them with math. Copies can be brought from the teacher who created them: Here be Solution Squad. Recommended for parents that home school and school districts.

3. Any issue of the Scribblenauts comics. These balance fun, humor, a bit of darkness, good ideas, and are aimed at every age. This is one of the few good things I feel I can recommend in terms of recent work from DC Entertainment.

4. Bravestarr the movie is an animated feature from Filmation that is a thematic and genre-meshing predecessor to Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 1

   The first thing I mostly likely thought when I originally saw Sailor Moon Episode 1 "A Moon Star Is Born" is "Oh a new Cartoon!" (Hey I was 8 years old.) I had no idea it was aimed at girls, nor that the episodes were going to be considered by major fans to be badly translated. (These Episodes were translated by DIC Entertainment.) It was only with the recent addition of the original, uncut, Japanese episodes, with English subtitles, to Hulu that I have gotten an understanding of how bad the translation is exactly. What follows are my major problems, thematic and otherwise within these two versions of the first episode.

   First off the Japanese episode title works better as "The Crybaby: Usagi's Beautiful Transformation." This of course is not done because of the stupid idea that English speaking kids would respond better to Serena than her original name of Usagi Tsukino. Heck I don't think we ever got a last name for Serena in the first episode of the English dubbing. Secondly Serena and Darien are immediately attracted to each other after just pissing each other off. In the Japanese version we don't even get an inkling of attraction between Usagi and Mamoru (Darien) because they are just meeting for the first time.

   A compliant I personally have is the Japanese series focuses on the theme of romance and campy fun combined with strong girls saving the day. The English series focuses on the Adventure, drama and romance. Now this is not to say either is wrong but the English series was apparently trying not to alienate boys. However if they had just kept out the opening scrolling text the series still would have worked. Plus they foreshadow a plot point in the English dub way too early. Combine this with the morals instead of a next time promo and you have a seriously padded pilot.

  Though I personally still recommend viewing this cheesy English dub because there is less of Usagi/Serena's annoying kid brother. He is totally missing from the English episode pilot, while only making a brief appearance in the Japanese. Regarding the original uncut episodes I recommend them for the better translation and just because this is a good series judging from the early episodes.

Note: Sailor V will be discussed when Sailor Venus makes her actual debut.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Advance Mini-Review of Quantum And Woody issue 11 Spoilers

Spoilers Below:

    This is a typical by the numbers comic if the numbers were squared by awesome! There are Super Goat Suckers versus Goat just as our all-you-can-eat hero is finished typing a secret. A natural feeling break-up with no deal with a devil involved, unless the devil is actually Woody's biological father. Which with the stupid ideas, lies and schemes Woody has had in the past is a possibility. The art is great, but the color of Woody's suit is suddenly black instead of blue in certain panels. Other than that this issue is truly one I can recommend and I look forward to the final issue next month.

   Also be on the watch for combined idiotic actions of The Delinquents this year starring Archer and Armstrong & Quantum & Woody.

Chef The Movie review

   The movie Chef has a great cast including Dustin Hoffman plays a total dick. Now I mean no disrespect by this it just is how the character is personality-wise and helps move the story along. Also Dustin Hoffman and Jon Favreau have not gotten to play characters like this in years. They have played idiot, stern, comedy, conman (in Hoffman's case) and etc., but never these roles. It is brilliant, as is the rest of the cast including child star Emjay Anthony. In fact Emjay should win some awards for his role in my opinion because of his ability to act natural in every scene.

  Now as for the plot, character motives, and dialogue they are perfect and real. Oliver Platt's and Emjay's interactions with Favreau's character are the most personally real and close to home hitting moments of the movie. The only character motive that felt a bit surreal was the Beach Cop photo shoot with Chef. However this does not really effect the movie just viewers like myself. The dialogue  is beautiful in it's honesty, even with Robert Downey's character twisting conversations like a bendy toy. The plot is one anyone who has a relationship trouble of any kind can relate too.

  Finally the use of social media truly makes this a must-see relevant movie of our current time. Go see it!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Advance Mini-Review Of Rai Issue 2

    Rai # 2 is a vast improvement over the first issue mainly because the art is more well done. Now this could just mean the first issue I purchased was not printed correctly, which can happen and can affect the look of art. The art on issue two however is beautiful to look at and tells a clear story on it's own. I loved nearly all of the visuals from the easy to identify genders to the various sections of this futuristic Japan. There is a problem for those who can't extrapolate technology to next, next, next generation type levels. Though I think this will be explained in future issues. Finally Matt Kindt is back in good form with this issue by allowing the artist to show us, rather than Matt telling us through text.

I highly recommend picking up this issue for lovers of mystery, the future, Japan, Rai and Valiant.


  The supplemental section is a relatively decent mix of materials. While the overall creative quality ranged from good to somewhat okay in ...