Advance Mini-Review Of Rai Issue 2

    Rai # 2 is a vast improvement over the first issue mainly because the art is more well done. Now this could just mean the first issue I purchased was not printed correctly, which can happen and can affect the look of art. The art on issue two however is beautiful to look at and tells a clear story on it's own. I loved nearly all of the visuals from the easy to identify genders to the various sections of this futuristic Japan. There is a problem for those who can't extrapolate technology to next, next, next generation type levels. Though I think this will be explained in future issues. Finally Matt Kindt is back in good form with this issue by allowing the artist to show us, rather than Matt telling us through text.

I highly recommend picking up this issue for lovers of mystery, the future, Japan, Rai and Valiant.


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